SOTA support for FMAC contests - RSGB survey

I note that a number activators combine SOTA and the RSGB FMAC contests. I’d like to draw attention to the proposed “termination” of these events in 2019. From a SOTA perspective, I think that they are an excellent way of providing organised FM opportunities for activators and chasers alike. From a contest perspective I find this short-sighted as I meet the intended brief, having been introduced to contesting through these events. I am now a regular participant in both these and other contests. Despite little (no) promotion the FMACs are growing and I observe new and enthusiastic participants on a regular basis.

I know the antenna rules don’t please everyone (no doubt comments will be made here), but I think the principle of regular, organised FM activity is a good one, and something that SOTA enthusiasts can see as beneficial.

You can give your opinion to the contest committee through this survey - deadline Sunday 28th October 2018:



Spot on Helen.
I too have got “into” the contesting thing through similar circumstances.
I cannot operate from home, so portable it is.
I started using the 70MHz contests as a way of qualifying SOTA summits on 70MHz only. (yes, I worked an S2S in last nights FM section).
Since starting this, it has lead me to take part on other contest evenings, trying to do SOTA where possible, and have now managed S2S contacts on many bands I had previously never used.


Hi Stuart - the more positive comments the committee get the better. I’m not aware of any canvassing that has gone on amongst participants to gauge opinions. It was a bit of a shock to hear they are considering a blanket cull on a relatively new event, and one which the committee chair admitted at the RSGB Convention had not been promoted, or so I am told. Hopefully we can give them something to think about. I was happy to chase a SOTA whilst taking part in the 4m FMAC last night, too. :slight_smile: