SOTA Summits with an airfield

I have been on three SOTA Summits that are on or very close to an airfield, but I am sure that there could be more.

These are the summits I know of:

  • PA/PA-005: Galgenberg
  • DM/HE-001: Wasserkuppe
  • DM/BW-089: Farrenberg

Who knows of other SOTA summits with an airport/airfield?

In Belgium there is ON/ON-004.


G/DC-003 has history with Atomic testing detecting back in 50’s.


DM/BW-228 Hummelsberg (1002m ASL activated 97 times) has a runway on it… (Not shown in this picture):


73 Phil G4OBK

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Now do we know what flew from there as most air fields are based on WWII air fields sites.