SOTA Summits Page Not Loading - Database down ?

I just noticed that the SOTA Summits pages aren’t loading, FYI

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Hope it’s not caught a bug off Facebook :rofl:


Same here, no spots, no alerts. Been that way a while.

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API servers were down, and I suspect the FB/WhatsApp/etc outage meant we didn’t get notification alerts


But now (2021-10-04 21:02 UTC) it looks like the database has a hickup.

Sotadata showing no results

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Interesting. It is still down in my Chrome but not in Safari. It looks like maybe something in the cache. Incognito mode works. (It isn’t an extension because I’m running none of those.)

Clearly this is not a problem with the servers, but with the weekend coming up, I thought I’d mention it in case someone is having trouble loading spots – try a different browser.

Or clear cache and cookies for that site, via Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Other Site Data, and then search for sotawatch . That cleared it up for Chrome.