SOTA Spotter not working since 2/29

I’m about to contact the developer, but I was wondering if anyone else has had issues spotting with SOTA SPOTTER for Android since the DB cut?

It tells me that there was an error, but apparently the SPOT does go through.

Hi Richard,
I’ve just sent a test spot from my Android smarphone using SOTA Spotter and had no error message. The spot is now displayed on screen.
So, no issues here.



Do you have your SingleSignOn (new database / sotawatch3) username and password configured at the settings in SOTA Spotter?
I guess so because otherwise the spot would not work.

I happens sometime in bad phone service summits that the first spot gives an error about SSO sign in. Usually the second one works fine.

73 Joe

Yesterday I planned to do a quick activation on 2m fm as part of a skiing day on W1/GM-032. I posted an alert saying I would be on at or soon after 1700z. At the summit, at 1708 I sent out a pre-drafted SMS text message spot. I called CQ multiple times for about 15 minutes, got no response. Maybe nobody was listening, maybe nobody in southern Vermont was monitoring SOTAwatch.
My spot not posted by an Android system, I was using a cheap text- and voice-only flip phone.
Or maybe my spot was never posted. Looking at SOTAwatch2 today and expanding the spots list so I can see spots back through yesterday, I don’t see my spot displayed. I’m wondering if my SMS spot actually went through.
Making SOTA contacts on 2m fm is not always easy; at least in Massachusetts, where
very few people seem to monitor 2m simplex frequencies. And I have in the past had problems using my cheap cell phone prepaid service for making voice contacts in southern Vermont, which is not served by Verizon in rural areas. But I wonder if there is some way to query the SOTA SMS servers to verify if a spot message actually got through. I’m not sure what route an SMS spot takes to get posted on a web site. The phone number I have saved in my phone is 1-530-430-7682.

It changed a year ago. Now 1-424-373-SOTA ( 1-424-373-7682 )

No but there will be “real soon now”. I want to add this and some visible stats to the SMS bot when I extend and re-implement activation/chaser statistic for Association Managers.

I had MFA enabled this weekend, so SSO would not work. I took it off and was on WiFi when I was getting the error today.

I actually got the error four times, but all four went through. I also got the error when I tried to delete them.

I’ll try it again in the morning.