"SOTA-spirit" Paddle for MG-SOTA

QRV for tomorrow’s MG-SOTA!

Assuming this recent 80-acre fire near our MG summit doesn’t blow up? …we’ll be pounding brass (maybe a little SSB too …wx allowing?) with this magic elk bone “touch” paddle I made. Primarily to commemorate goat powered SOTAs* and finally making it to the MG Milestone after 7yrs …taking our sweet time lingering on peaks for the last caller and taking pics! Thanks to all the constant-reliable steady stream of chasers! Sincerely thank you!! [* ~15% were powered by the goats the rest of the time they came as companions!]

Peanut goat who’s now an old goat at 12-yrs will be the honored guest as Steve/K7PX and I bang out signals from North Tarryall Peak! Hope to hear some of you on. Maybe a few S2Ss?
SOTA-MG Commemorative Paddle (20-sec video clip)


Your videos introduced me and then seduced me into SOTA and I haven’t had so much fun since climbing trees with an HT as a kid.
I will at least follow your APRS at work…and if I can sneak out…try to QSO (if you hear a ham-fisted 7 wpm QRP signal …that’s me!)
Will Peanut get a Mountain-Human trophy?
Thanks again for sharing your adventures,

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So incredibly cool Steve. I’m tempted to cancel all my work appointments just so I can sit by the radio hoping to QSO with you on your MG activation!
Keith KR7RK

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Steve, inspired weirdness gets my vote every time!

Best of luck tomorrow.

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