SOTA shop deliveries

I will not be able to fulfill any orders placed through the SOTA shopping site after 14 February 2022 until late March.
Please place any orders promptly to give me a chance to despatch them

Many Thanks
Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


Whether than start a new topic…I found the SOTA hats, where are the coffee mugs?

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We don’t sell them. We did have some insulated mugs but IIRC they were not popular and are no longer stocked.

That is surely anti-American. :us:

Mug designs have come a long way in the past few years. If some were sourced, I’d buy two. For tea, obviously.

In the famous words of Herbert Morrison : " Oh the Humanity ! "

Vista Print does coffee mugs, you could upload the SOTA logo and order one to be made.


We intially stocked insulated mugs (good for all ham radio beverages, including beer) and I had to discount them to clear - I think the original batch took 5 years, at least, to sell.

If there is a demand for coffee mugs I will then purchase them - but, be aware, to be able to sell at a sensible price and still make a small profit I need to order about 100 at a time. The tolerance of my xyl to the storage space allotted to SOTA merchandise is being severely tested :cry:

This thread is about the delivery timescales to be expected while I am away from home so please leave it that way. I will start a new thread about merchandise - but try purchasing items we already have available too.


Due to the cancellation of my holiday (plane couldn’t land in CT3) I am now able to handle new orders.
I will clear the small backlog of orders placed despite this reflector post and then deal with new orders.

Be aware that PayPal are having problems confirming orders so I have to do it manually until this can be sorted

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

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