SOTA Sherpa Award 2019

The SOTA MT has pleasure in announcing that the recipient of the 2019 Sherpa Award is Manuel Kasper HB9DQM in recognition of his contribution to the SOTA programme. As usual, several candidates were considered by the MT for this award and, as always it was difficult to decide on just one winner.

Manuel has produced a truly wonderful facility for SOTA people with his mapping website at

This is a beautiful piece of work that is both elegant and simple to use whilst being remarkably powerful.

Please join me in congratulating Manuel on the award and recognizing his contribution to SOTA.

This award is again sponsored by SOTABEAMS ( ) with a £50 store credit. The Sherpa certificate designed by Barry GM4TOE will be sent to Manuel in due course.



Good choice; well deserved I feel. SOTlas really is a big step forward in usability. Thanks.

Manuel, your account at has been charged with your credit. Just log in to spend it!

Happy New Year.

73 Richard G3CWI


Well done Manuel, I’m happy to hand over the heavy virtual Sherpa backpack to you!

If you are going to Friedrichshafen, perhaps we can arrange a meetup of the old Sherpas at some point?

73 Ed (Sherpa 2018).


I would like to add my support to this award. I was doing a small project to check if Alberta’s fire lookouts were on the SOTA peaks list and SOTL.AS was most helpful as I checked between three different lists. Thanks for a great tool.


Congratulations Manuel on winning the SOTA Sherpa Award 2019.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Well deserved! And such a nice guy! 73 Paul HB9DST

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A well merited award - congratulations to Manuel for the facility as well as for the award.
I particularly like the filter to show summits not yet activated by me; this is brilliant when trying to plan a stop on the way home.
Happy New Year. 73, Rod

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Manuel, congratulations and many thanks for this wonderful maptool!!!

73, Christos.

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Auguri Manuel. Well done.

73 de hb9fvk

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Congratulations Manuel :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Good choice, well deserved. Congratulations Manuel, and thanks!
Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Congrats to Manuel! Outstanding contribution.
Best, Ken

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Congrats Manuel. is in use on a regular basis.
Also thanks for hosting the site - as far as I know - on your own servers :+1:
Looking forward what comes next.

Enjoy the award, take some time to relax and all the best for 2020

73 Joe

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Congrats Manuel, as I mentioned on our last QSO you created a very nice tool!

Somehow you manage to work on the page and still make time for impressive activations, respect. :grin:
73 Sabrina

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Very good choice! Well done, Manuel.
Happy new year and 73
Fabio, IK2LEY

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Congratulations, Manuel! You deserve it!

Best 73, Sylvia

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Bravo Manuel, it’s a well deserved reward for this great tool you’ve created for us. Thanks again and happy New Year.

73’s Laurent de F8CZI

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I feel very honoured to receive this year’s SOTA Sherpa Award! Thank you all very much for your kind words and congratulations. It’s been great fun working on SOTLAS, and it’s very satisfying to see that the work is being appreciated, liked, and most importantly, used.

Thank you also to Richard @G3CWI and SOTABEAMS for the store credit; I’m sure I’ll find some new antenna parts to put it to good use!

The to-do list for SOTLAS is still long, so there are more features to look forward to in the future. And please let me know if you’re missing something, or if something doesn’t work right.

I will hold a short presentation about SOTLAS on Saturday, June 27 at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen, and will be around the whole day. @DD5LP I guess we’ll meet up at the customary 12 noon get-together in front of the QSL wall on Saturday?

I wish you all a happy and successful 2020.

vy 73,

Manuel HB9DQM :goat:


Sounds good - I wonder how many other ex-Sherpas will be there as well?

Guru @EA2IF - are you travelling to the Ham Radio event in 2020?

I think it’s unlikely that the SOTA Sherpa from 2016 (Andrew @VK1AD) or Guy @N7UN (2013) will be in Friedrichshafen - it’s a LONG journey from Australia and the US - but who knows?

73 Ed.

Hi Manuel

Congrats, well deserved. I use it all the time, for planning and when activating.
Wish you a very happy New year!

73 Bruno HB9CBR

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