SOTA Sherpa Award 2017

The SOTA MT has pleasure in announcing that the recipient of the 2017 Sherpa Award is Jose-Antonio Gurutzarri Jauregi EA2IF (Guru as we all know him) in recognition of his contribution to the SOTA programme over recent years. Several candidates were considered by the MT for this award from the many that have made a significant contribution to SOTA during the past year and all contributions are greatly appreciated. However after much debate amongst the MT, Guru EA2IF was deemed to be the leading candidate.

This award is sponsored by SOTABEAMS ( ) and this year the award is a WSPRLite unit. Based on the detailed acounts Guru has produced on how he still is able to do active chasing now using a very simple antenna system compared to his large well equipped station in the past, we are sure we’ll see lots from more from him about WSPR. Please join us in congratulating Guru on the award and recognizing his contribution to SOTA. The Sherpa certificate designed by Barry GM4TOE will be sent to Guru shortly.



Congratulation to Guru. Lots of hard working people also deserve congratulations as runners-up.

73 and Merry Christmas


Excellent choice! Thanks MT and Guru.

Happy Christmas and New Year from all at SOTABEAMS.

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Congrats Guru, you deserve this recognition… Thanks for all the summits!!!
Happy xmas and happy new year to you and yours.

73’s de Rick EA4ZK

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Congratulations, Guru! Always a thrill to hear your signal from the summits!

Paul K9PM

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Enhorabuena Guru!
Tu lo mereceste!
Gracias por tu labor e por todos los QSOs.
Es bueno tener un “vecino” como tu…

Hasta siempre!

Congrats Guru!
You deserve it 100%!

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

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Congratulations Guru! It’s been an honor to write your call in my log on several occasions. The team made a good choice to present you with this award!

Keith KR7RK

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Congrats Guru. Thanks for the new summits you gave me. Well deserved

Jack KB7HH

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Congratulations Guru!

Very best wishes for 2018.


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Congratulations Guru!

It is a good point rewarding him!
He is doing well chasing from his new apartment (about 500m from mine!) even with such reduced equipment. I’m sure he will keep on contributing with his interesting ideas and experiments…

Enjoy your new toy Guru, CU es 73 de Ignacio

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Congratulations for your well-deserved award. It’s always a delight to hear your signal calling when I’m in the high mountains.

Please keep up the good work. You will inspire many others to persist in their efforts.

If the noise gets too high, maybe you’ll just have to activate more summits!



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Congratulations Guru!

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Dear all,
I feel very proud and honoured with the recognition of the Sherpa Award.
I also feel very grateful and glad with the SOTABEAMS WSPRLite unit prize, which I must admit I had to read carefully about in order to find out what that was :blush:

All my contributions, either activating, chasing, posting on the Reflector with my opinions and sharing my own experiences, helping the MT members or individual colleagues from the SOTA community on whatever they needed and I could help with, as well as donating some funds from time to time to help the programme pay the bills, have always been done with great pleasure and fully conscient of its benefits to the SOTA programme, to the people I helped to and also to myself, because I assure you that by doing this I felt and I still feel well, I feel a better ham, a better person.

SOTA has given me many good things and by doing all of that, I’m just giving back a part of what the SOTA programme and the people around it are giving to me.

When I joined this hobby at the age of 16, (I’m almost 53 now) I almost immediately thought this would be my hobby for my entire life. Now that I’ve found this programme inside the ham radio hobby, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick around SOTA for the rest of my life.

Before finishing off, let me say that after having read a bit about WSPRLite, I think Richard and the MT have made the right choice, as I’m going to enjoy it very much.
I hope this won’t be a prize for me only, as I expect to be sharing with you all in this Reflector my findings and experiment results with the help of WSPRLite.
As ever, I’ll do it in the hope that my experiences shared on the Reflector for the SOTA community will serve and help many of you.

Thank you very much. Lots of love and Merry Christmas.



Congratulations Guru…Well deserved.

73 Mike

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¡Congrats Guru!
It has been a long time since we were chasing DX in 28 MHZ!
You are always involved in radio matters, persistently growing as a ham radio operator.
Bravo Guru!!
Best 73!!
Javi - EA2GM

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Well done Guru, looking forward to working you in the years to come!

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Congrats Guru

Always great to work you from VK6, look forward to getting you many more times in my log.


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BIG CONGRATS, GURU! And well deserved. Good choice, MT!
It’s always an extra treat be chased from Spain when on a peak in Western North America!


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Hi Guru & congratulations on your achievements and long may they continue. I always read with interest your reports. Like yourself I run a home made Doublet Antenna, but I run 100W. I also quite often hear stations working Activators that I can’t hear and I cannot always work the ones I do hear due to QSB etc. But like you I stick with it and quite often surprise myself what can be done with a modest station. Well done and well deserved.

73’s Don GW0PLP ( IO72 Aberporth West Wales )

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