SOTA S5 on platform


Wa are pleased to announce, that SOTA S5 sumits could be seen on platform ( For direct access you could use this link: is in Slovene language. In near future we are preparing some sort of short manual in English, how to use it. But, if you have time to spare (let’s say to bad WX for Activators or to much QRN for Chasers :wink: ), you can play with it already.

PLEASE, first check box near word “Zapisi” (Records). In field “Iskanje” (Search) enter reference number or summit name, then click on button “Išči” (Serach). Most accurate result will be first on the list. Click on name and you will get other summit data.

On the other hand, you can just “click” on triangles - summit markers.

Zooming and moving the map is similar to Gogle earth.

“Ortofoto”, “Višine”, “Relief” and “Topo” are different kind of views (different kind of maps) of Slovenia.

Red lines are marked foth paths. See S5 ARM for more details.

This is all for now. Have a fun!

Jure S57XX