SOTA S2S log working in error

Can somebody explain me what is the problem? Tnx…

The error in red says the summit was not valid on that date.

Goto SOTA Database and enter the reference.

Hit find and you get to this page.

So the summit in question was only valid from 01-Jan-2004 to 31-Mar-2011.

Sooo nice! “Good news” for poor OE5AUL, he was activating an cancelled summit…

…or you got his reference wrong? (If something doesn’t match I try to go back to the log I took at the time of the QSO, in case I made a typo while transferring the details from paper to computer.)

Maybe… even if the written log is right now in front of me. I will check his log…

According to all his spots on the day he was on OE/OO-070.
Looks like you copied it incorrectly :smile:

Luckily 070 is valid until 2099…


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Mine entered ok

11/Aug/2015 08:12 M3FEH/P YO2MSB/P YO/MC-052 Mohoru 14MHz SSB 10 3840
11/Aug/2015 08:12 M3FEH/P OE5AUL/P OE/OO-070 Windhagkogel 14MHz SSB 4 3844

 The system is sensitive to any tiny mistake, an 0 in stead of an O will throw it off etc

 When first started logging myself, times it threw up red and looked in wonder but when you get used to it. You realized you have made some sort of mistake and soon correct it. Was on a summit myself that day and me logs gone up fine and worked you both.