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SOTA room in Peanut

Answer from David
The name comes from the DMR registration database.

Although there is no obligation to register with DMR or DSTAR to use the SOTA room, it is still interesting to do the registration, and explore the world of DMR and DSTAR.
With Peanut, it’s free, and since we have nothing better to do …

Luc, ON7DQ

I wonder whether we have to register D-Star to talk via Peanut on the D-Star reflectors ??
I did do the registry, awaiting answer from an admin on mail…


I wonder Luc if you or David know if it’s possible to implement a voice activated microphone into Peanut ?


To use DMR or DSTAR, you need to register on those systems.
But the good thing is you don’t need to buy a radio :wink:

I will ask David if VOX is possible … will be continued.


Cheers Luc :blush:

OK I’m in and set-up (* I think). I received the access code with 5 minutes of requesting!

I don’t have a PC mic available yet but I should hopefully be able to monitor and earwig any others chatting. I don’t see or hear and activity right now - which could be because I’ve not properly completed set up* - or because there’s no activity atm!

Anyway, nice idea - let’s see what happens. Might need to dig out an old Android from somewhere for hilltop use (I’m an iPhone convert!)

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still waiting for my code, try again now

That’s the main reason why I got this app installed on my Android phone. I guess a really good phone signal will be necessary, so not all summits will allow but many will, hopefully.
I’ve been chatting very nicely with a number of SOTA colleagues and it’s working very nicely, at least from the QTH.


I doubt this will be a good thing to have. Having the possibility to untick the Hold to talk box in your own configuration, I think this is comfortable enough for the one speaking and for the ones listening it’s better seeing the PTT being pushed all the time rather than seeing it ON and OFF every now and then not knowing clearly if the one speaking has finished or not. As we spoke the other day on Peanut, it’s better that the one speaking gives over to someone rather than ending his speech not specifying who should take the mike next.
That’s just my opinion, of course.


I’ve got the SOTA room in Peanut all up and running on the shack PC. Seems to work very well. Very pleasant net going on right now with Guru @EA2IF , Lars @SA4BLM , Bruce @W2SE and Luc @ON7DQ.

Can you guys indicate how an activator might use Peanut? Can two activators chat and coordinate an S2S or can a chaser ask an activator for a QSY or ???

Yes, I imagine all of that is feasible.

Evidently I was not heard when Luc passed it to me, even though I held the PTT button down on the phone’s screen and the app has microphone permissions???

(update: all sorted and working now)

I turned that option off so you only hit the button to start and the hit it again to unkey.

I have installed Peanut on my iPhone but I am having trouble accessing the SOTA section.

You’d have more joy on Android. RTI.

Only me in SOTA room on Peanut atm. Monitoring in case someone else joins and wishes to call.

That’s not the correct version of Peanut Richard. There’s a ham specific version.

In the Android universe, you would have installed the first one below but you needed to install the second.

I’ll bet you he didn’t…

M1EYP lsg Peanut for any calls…