SOTA Rig Choices

Not being new to radio and portable operations I have always enjoyed QRP and small radios for most of my operating. POTA has been something I have been involved in as well as other things like WFD,FD and more. With SOTA VE3 being new I find it even more intriguing now to be able to operate and activate some of the Summits in our area and hope to work some around many of out backcountry canoe trips. With that said rigs of choice can be a challenge at times and more so if wanting to operate SSB/CW. For SSB/CW I now have the IC705,FT817(non ND),KX2 and a G90, of course weight on a canoe trip or hike is important and I find my KX2 has accompanied me on most canoe trips, I like the tuner and internal microphone making less to carry. 817 if not using a resonant dipole would require a external tuner. The G90 is very heavy and again power being external adds weight but the tuner works well. The IC705 for my recent activation and and WFD proved itself as worthy with again resonant antenna and internal battery.
So cw operations I have a few other choices: I have the HB1B with internal power and would be best suited with Elecraft T1 tuner if not using a res antenna.
I have 2 K1s with tuners built in and both have 4 band modules and can last a long time on small power source, and then last is the 3 band KX1 with tuner and paddles attached, this rig is also one of my faves.
I had looked hard at the newest LNR radio and the minion, but I think I have things covered despite bands, weight, power and more for any type of operations. My KX2 in the handheld position with MFJ mono-band whips have proven to make me contacts on SSB as well, have yet to try the IC705 with a whip and counterpoise.



Hello Fred

You can hardly optimise the devices… but you might be able to get a little more space and weight out of the antennas.
I don’t know the MFJ whips - but a thin wire that you throw over a branch with a string might be better.

73 Armin (my sea kayak is a Perception Essence 17)

I use many small wire antennas for my trips, I use end fedz, linked dipoles and just wire and utilize tuners in rigs if I have them…

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