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Having a bit of problems here today. When trying to view my activations in the database using IE11, I get “can’t display page” and lists info about checking TSL1.0,1.1,2,3 etc etc…I then try to bring up my activations in Google Chrome and can get the info to display a list of the W6 activators, but when I click on my call, I get no info on any of my activations. Also tried it using Firefox browser and get the same result. In either google chorme or firefox all I see is my callsign. I tried displaying year as last 12 months, sort either DEC- JAN or JAN - DEC, and click the show tab and still have nothing listed…

Just curious if it’s something on my confuzer here? Seeing how’s it’s not working on three different browsers just seems strange that it would be my end… Help! :wink:


73, Todd KH2TJ

Hey Todd,

Sound like the symptoms of you creating a new account instead of using the old database login.
Andrew @VK3ARR or Andy @MM0FMF can help on that. Best is to contact them on the official contact page

73 Joe

Thanks for the reply Joe. It appears to be only my activations that are not showing. I uploaded a few chasers contacts earlier and I am able to view my chaser log no problem Appears that everything is working in the database for my less being able to view my activations. I’ll give Andrew and Andy a shout. Thanks again.

73, Todd KH2TJ

The default view for the Activations page is “Last 12 months”. As your last activation was "2018-09-06 KH2TJ W6/NS-139 (North Sierra Buttes) " then nothing will show. If you select 2018 for the year on the dropdown menu, then your last activations will be shown.

Geez! Do I feel silly :wink: Never noticed this before. Only just now noticed as I was about to log a bunch of activations I have in my logbook that’s been looking at me the past year and a half! I see the one for 2019 as well…

Alrighty then, you can disregard the contact notice I sent to you too and direct me to my dunce cap! Too many hours running up and down the rails the past couple of weeks. Working 12hr shifts is no bueno for one’s SOTA!

Thanks Joe and Andy…

73, Todd KH2TJ

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If I had a pound (or dollar) for every daft mistake I had made, I would have retired about 20 years ago!

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You too? When I started this job 10 years ago I thought it really was a lot of time off. Ant it certainly is, if you only consider that I work about 180 days a year. But the shifts are 12-hours on and 12 hours off. Being on day shift isn’t so very bad. From 0530 to 1730, and once on daylight saving time you get a couple of hours in the evening to do a little. But when you transition to night shift from 1730 to 0530, you really lose most of a day going in (trying to prepare for the night), while on shift at least I seem to need more sleep, and getting off shift, I lose most of another day napping and trying to get back on days. My VA doc actually put me on vitamin-D because we work in a totally enclosed control room, no sunlight in, no windows at all.

It’s a great job, mighty fine boss and better pay than I ever hoped for, and a skill set that could get me hired with most any utility in the nation. But flipping shifts every week is getting old.

Hang in there Todd. I can’t say it gets better. But eventually we get to retire!

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC – El Paso. TX.