Sota QSO from OE2WNL/P to VK3ES?

Hi Sotagroup!

Tom and I where on an SOTA Activation last monday 18.8.14 on OE/TI-641 Henne with Buddipole and KX3 10W - when I was working trough the little pileup I heard a very weak station - I heard definitly when he was repeating my Callsign OE2WNL - but unfortunatly the weak signal dropped further down when he was telling me his callsign - so I lost him -
I understand VK3ES but this is not the complete call as I have asked VK3ES Andy via E-Mail for confirmation - but he answered that he was not on air this day - so I’m looking for the station with VK3ES? via the Reflektor.
Probably the station I’m looking for reads also the Sotareflektor - or other activators have worked a Sota-Chaser with a call similar to VK3ES?

Any advice apreciated - probably not to count the QSO for real - but for getting in contact.

MNI TNX es 73
de OE2WNL, Wolf