Sorry, but starting a new thread as the other one getting a bit long.

Hope everyone enjoys a great day Saturday on-the-air. Weather looks very decent across the U.S. and much of Europe for hopefully plenty of activity. Solar flux is in the 135-140 range, not bad for the higher bands. The 10-10 International DX contest should serve as a nice indicator of 10M propagation in your area, and maybe for 15M.

I was asked about U.S. participation. Posts on QRP-L and past activity indicates the majority of U.S. states will be activated both by QRPTTF stations and SOTA S2S. There was some discussion on QRP-L if rare Rhode Island will be on the air. I don’t know. I also heard from Luis LU4HK that he and a couple of others will be on the air from the Argentina QRP Club.

A couple of reminders:
Power is QRP 5W CW, 10W SSB
Non-U.S. stations do not need to send “SPC.” Your call letters or SOTA exchange are sufficient to identify country of origin.

Rules, and link to the summary sheet here:

Hope everyone has a great International SOTA weekend, and thanks to all for participating in QRPTTF as well. Hopefully it will bring us all extra activity and plenty of fun for our efforts.

73, Paul NA5N