SOTA publicity in unexpected places

There’s been a few examples over the years of SOTA articles appearing in non-amateur radio contexts - local newspapers, Trail magazine, community radio etc.

Well now it’s made the pages of the latest Joe Longthorne newsletter! Could it attract any new recruits? You’ll Never Know… (see what I did there?)


Nice article Tom! your hair looks much better dressed on the picture of this article compared to that in your avatar picture here in the Reflector, :wink:

Not so unexpected but it was highly welcome for the SOTA enthusiasts to find in the last November issue of the magazine Radioaficionados (radioamateurs) an article about the recommended best rigs and antennas for SOTA, as well as an interview with the Spanish SOTA activator EA1AER.
This is the cover of the magazine. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can post the article and the interview for you to see them here, as they are under copyrights.




Superb work by you and your friends in getting this major feature in Radioaficiandos magazine, Guru. Is this title distributed in Spain and South America?

I’m not sure to be honest, but I believe this magazine is only sent to the URE members.
Several years ago it was just the URE magazine for the URE members and at one point some 15-20 or more years ago (I don’t remember exactly), they changed the name to the current one Radioaficionados with the intention of distributing the newly named magazine to be sold to the regular public in news stands and book shops, but I don’t think this has had much success and I think it’s currently being distributed to the URE members only like the URE magazine was in the old times.


Good job gents!

Kent K9EZ