SOTA presentation at Telford Hamfest, this Sunday

“Developments in SOTA over the past four years” will last about 45 minutes

Any chance to see a recording of the presentation afterwards ?

Quite possibly yes. I understand the Telford club are recording it so that their members can watch it at a later date (in order to prioritise space in the room on the day to visitors). Whether they will make this generally available or not I don’t know.

My presentation slides will be available online though.

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I am planning to attend on Sun.

Looking forward to it and meet some of the SOTA crew in person.

73 Angel

Argh ! I missed the presentation this morning by around 15 Mins …

Please post the link to your presentation Tom, I would be keen to look through it also. I did see you and Jimmy outside briefly, but I was stuck in a box of valves at the time !


Select the link to “…return to the old version”.

Allow a short while for all the media content to load up before starting the presentation.

Very enjoyable to present at Telford earlier. A good supportive and interested crowd were in, and the talk seemed to be well received. FB to see my old friend and SOTA’s 1st MG Alan M1EYO at the event.