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SOTA Practical Wireless Magazine

Congratulations to Jimmy M3EYP for making the front cover of the January 2010 edition of Practical Wireless, out today.

Congratulations to Tom on a detailed five page report on the background, structure and aims of the SOTA organisation.

Great publicity.


Hi Roy,

Thank you for the congratulations. I didn’t know that I was the front cover of the practical wireless magazine.

Jimmy M3EYP

Thanks Roy. I’ve not seen it yet, but hopefully my subscriber’s copy will be waiting for me when I get home. Is Jimmy the main picture on the cover, or one of the insets? Hope they’ve got my callsign correct - in the “Coming next month” bit in December’s edition, it said something about “Tom Read G1EYP” - whoever he is!



I see it now:


He’s got the main picture!

Looking at the colour of his hat and rucksack straps, it is not a recent photo. And I should know, I submitted it as it linked to one aspect of the article.

Name the summit anyone? (No cheating please, either by looking it up in PW (if it says) or on my website!).


In reply to M1EYP:

Jimmy’s photo is repeated within the article, along with the SOTA reference, plus a further 11 photo’s of Alan M1EYO, John G4YSS, Richard G3CWI, John G3WGV, Myself, Shirley MW0YLS, Simon M1AVV and Peter ONL5923


Thanks Roy.

Good to hear that a good number of the many significant contributors to the programme over the years have made it through the edit pictorially as well as in the text.

If the SOTA reference is given in the article, you are ineligible for the “name the summit” quiz! Only those who haven’t yet seen the January PW may answer, and they may view the front cover at:


Anyone recognise it?


In reply to M1EYP:

The picture is a bit small. Whernside NP-008?

No. I see what you mean though.

In reply to G4SSH:
Ron GW4EVX has a report too in VHF section on his hilltop portable activities. Richard G3CWI was also a cover boy on PW in 2009.