SOTA Portugal Day on April 6th

All amateur radio operators are invited to participate in the Summits on the Air – Portugal Day, an “on the air party” that will take place on April 6th.

This is not a contest but rather a gathering of enthusiasts of this very popular program amongst amateur radio operators. Therefore, all hams around the world are invited to participate, with no exceptions.

Amateur radio operators who are Activators are particularly encouraged to bring other hams or prospective hams to the activation, thus enabling others to experience the Summits on The Air program.

When and how:

  • From 09.00 and 18.30 (local time) on April 6th 2019;
  • Using own call sign (/ p);
  • Using the simplest possible equipment (QRP in most cases, including portable radios V / UHF);
  • In SOTA summits with the highest possible score:
  • In the amateur’s radio operator area or any CT/CU/CT3 summit.

PDF certificates will be awarded the participants who activate a summit (by SOTA rules) or have a QSO with one activator/summit on that day (chasers or SWL). To apply, one must send photos or videos of their SOTA activity to



Now at little less than 72 hours away from our yearly event, the weather prognostic is not looking good: heavy rainfall, high winds, thunderstorms and significant amounts of snowfall in the tallest peaks. Therefore, the SOTA-Portugal Day organization has decided the following: stations that postpone their activities due to bad weather conditions can try again the next Saturday, the 13th. Therefore, activations made on both dates (6 and 13) will count for the SOTA-Portugal Day electronic diploma,as per the original announcement´s rules. The management team stresses that SAFETY must come first, when planning an activation.


Paulo, CT2IWW

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Hi Paulo,
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