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SOTA Plates


G4AJJ held a licence when he worked in Bahrain. He had A9 BXD (his Bahraini call) on his car as it cost ever so much less than G4 AJJ would have cost him.


I saw an old Passat at the 1993 Freidrichshafen which had the plate “ES VY 73”. Talking to the owner, he was so pleased because it was sheer luck that he got that.


Even more topic drift …

I have a very nice QSL card from G0EUF. It carries a lovely picture of a chicken breaking out of an egg.
I also have one from “H2O”, which was a contest callsign from Cyprus a few years ago.

73 de G3NYY


OK, here it is: SOTA W4

de K4QS

73, Chuck


Any brave person got VOTA?


Not directly SOTA but intended to suggest/conjure up exploring the Western US which for me has been primarily driven by SOTA.

Attached to my Jeep and RCON WST interpretation is Recon(naissance) West.

Costs far to much annually because California is that kind of place.