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SOTA partners in the Alps?

Hello European activators! My contract in Abu Dhabi has just ended (rather abruptly) and I decided to take a few weeks to go skiing in France/Italy/Germany before returning to Canada. If anyone is looking for a buddy with advanced skiing, avalanche, and mountaineering skills then by all means get in touch! I will be banging around with no real itinerary until the last week of February so there’s lots of room for flexibility. Unfortunately I have no radio equipment, but (as far as I can tell) my Canadian license is recognized here in the short term and I’m happy to compensate anyone willing to lend out gear. You can reach me here on the forum, or by email (callsign at gmail.)


Hi John,
As Canada is signed up to the CEPT TR61-01 agreement, and if you have a Canadian licence with < Quote > Amateur Radio Operator Certificate with Basic and Advanced Qualifications and call sign < end quote >, you can use that for up to three months in any CEPT country by simply prefixing your callsign with the country code of the country you are in - HB9/ for Switzerland, I/ for Italy, F/ for France, OE/ for Austria, DL/ for Germany etc. No application needed, no charges to be paid. Please make sure you check which bands are available in which countries however. For example 60 metres is NOT available in Austria and portable operation on 6 metres is not allowed in Germany.

73 Ed.


Hi John,
I have sent you an E-Mail.
73 from Robert, DL4ROB

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Thanks to everybody who got in touch with me! it’s time for an itinerary update!

I’m in Val D’Isere right now and the gnar is definitely getting a shredding! The next few weeks of my trip will look like this:

February 8-11 Val D’Isere, France
February 12-16 Chamonix, France
February 17-23 Verbier, Switzerland

After that I’ll be swinging through Paris then possibly London on my way back to Canada. There’s also the possibility that I’ll be spending some time in Zurich after visiting Verbier.


P.S. I’m heading up F/AB-066 tomorrow. 10 points, never activated, and I don’t have a radio. sigh

P.P.S. Said Gnar, note shred