SOTA Palace - Restoration project?

Reviewing some summit data I just came across this:

EA2/NV-134 (activated by @EA2BSB )

Aizkolegi Palace - abandoned for years

See 1:57 onwards.

Can the EA2 guys tell us more? :grinning:

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Thanks Simon for letting me know about this palace in a SOTA summit. I didn’t know about it even after having been in the beautiful Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park several times.

There’s a long, although not too steep hike starting at the Information Point near the entrance of the park. It’s 19.2Km round trip with an elevation gain of 677m. BTT is not permitted, though.
Upon registration, one can get into a turistic bus for a tour ending up there.

Regarding the restoration plans, I see on internet that there are plans for that and a call for interested projects was made some months ago in 2019. I can’t see anything about restoration works in progress.
It would be a nice place to live, I think, being near the Atlantic Ocean, with a mild climate and in a beautiful natural environment.



sure we can help with some info. I’ll summarise a bit of its relevant history.

This summit and the surrounding big area of forest, belonged to an old manor called “Bertiz”, whose area extends to 20,5 square kilometers.

Bertiz state was owned by a Lord called Sr. Pedro de Ziga, who planted many different trees and built some houses, including this palace on the very summit by the end of the XIX century.

This state was transferred to the Government of Navarra in the last century, and nowadays they offer some guided tours and a have a Nature visitor centre at the entrance of this park with gardens and fountains.

The old palace is closed but still remains there… Would be great to convert it into a radio club, hi!

To access to the summit you can either pay the entrance and follow a road (vehicles are forbidden) or you can access by means of any path from the surrounding villages.
Guru explained a bit about the access…

If you need any other detail just let us know.
73 de Ignacio

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Would make a nice Parador.

Thank you Guru and Ignacio for the information on the park and the palace. It does look like a nice place for a visit. But there are so many there to choose from! I do hope it sees some work before the building decays too much.

Yes, indeed it would. :grinning: