SOTA on the mountain of the gods Mount Olympus SV

With my friend Stavros SV2RUJ we activated 3 peaks in the mountain of the gods mountain Olympus with an altitude of over 2500m each peak

Zeus did us the favor and the weather was amazing…

We thank all the chasers…

SV/TL-004 Ag.Antonios 2816m

SV/MC-042 Skolio 2905m SV2RUJ - SV2HJW

SV/TL-001 Mytikas 2918m Πάνθεον… next Stefani 2909m Throne of Zeus…SV/TL-002 Prof.Ilias 2788m and Giosos Apostolidis Refuge.

SV/TL-059 Hodja 2589m

more information and videos : SV2HJW: Ολυμπος - Αγ.Αντώνιος - Σκολιό - Χότζα

73 sv2hjw


Lovely photographs. I loved the mountain hut with the stone roof and the more modern building made from local stone. Are they Mountain Huts open to the public and are they free?


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Congratulations Costas for activations! I have many years to activate Mount Olympus summits.

Hi David!
The stone refuge is open to everyone, but it is without services. You should have whatever you need with you!

73 de Christos.


Hi Christos,

for what are the solar panels, for light or for more?

73 Ludwig

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Hi, congratulation for the activation and thanks for the fine pictures.

73 Ludwig


Hi Ludwig!

The solar panels are for charging the battery for the refuge’s transceiver in case of emergency!


Hi David
this is open to everyone,
there are other shelters on Olympus organized clean with food and very good service.