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SOTA on Eagle Cap Peak

No matter where you go there’s nothing more fun than playing radio on a mountain top:

Cheers, Steve wGOAT

In reply to WG0AT:
GREAT to see you making video’s again Steve! You, Guy and friends sure know how to have “FUN”! Wish I was with you! Take care, thanks for sharing and carry on!


In reply to WG0AT:

FB video Steve as always, very professionally done. Thanks for the inclusion and nice QSO. Tried to hear you this evening from Mt. Herman, ah! well next time Steve.

  1. Jeff G4ELZ

In reply to WG0AT:


Great video and an awesome place. Makes me proud to be an Oregonian!


Phil, NS7P

Very nice video Steve! I’m so envious of you guys. ‘Surprise’ is one heck of a big goat :slight_smile: