Sota on 630m is possible

On Monday at 9:30 UTC I had my first portable activation at 630m near by DM/NS-098 at 528m.

The antenna was 40m long and hung on a wooden observation tower 33m high.
As a counterweight, I used the lightning rod of the tower.

My FT-817 was connected to a 10w TX transverter with built-in match box for the antenna.
In 135km distance I was heard with 339 in the local noise, over 50km loud and clear.

Unfortunalty the tower stands not in the activation range of DM/NS-092. But my antenna on the top of the tower at 515m absolutely, hi.

See the short video : DL1CR 630m portable - YouTube

73 Chris


Well done indeed! I failed miserably a few years ago. I heard stations but no-one heard me.

Tnx a lot. Of course, I had no casual contacts, but had an appointment. As far as I know, there are only 2 OM at 630m here in Northern Germany, Dix DJ6CB and Wolf DK1HW.

I hope I can persuade Wolf to a S2S, maybe he will read along.

73 Chris

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Next Saturday, 31.8. suggests POM, DG7ACF an activity in the Deister, DM / NS-122.
On this occasion, Wolfgang, DK1HW and I want to try our first S2S on the wavelength 630m. Antenna conditions and especially grounding are portable the biggest challenges. In preliminary tests, however, we could bridge 60km, so it should work over 14km between Bröhn, DM / NS-122 and Fast, DM / NS-121.
73 Chris