SOTA ON 2023/02/03

I’m really sorry but I didn’t reach the SOTA F/PO-173. I worked only FFF from another summit.
Best 73’s and I hope that we’ll meet soon again on SOTA
André FUKL


We English have a saying for this… it goes something like “C’est la vie”. :grinning:


Dear Gerald
I tried twice to reach the SOTA in 15 days but always something wrong. But I was with friends and that’s not the best way to work sota. The first time we were in the clouds all day long and temps was minus 6°C. We were waiting a while to the sun but no way. Friends were freezing then we go back together.
The second time, I was also with friends had to be back home early in the afternoon. I’m not a runner and I hike slowly. When we arrived on Pic des Escaliers, I feel that if I hike to the F/PO-173 I had no time to work radio. So I decided to stay on the summit and work only FFF-1207. It is not easy to practice sota when you are in a group unless they are also sotamen.



We have another saying… “third time lucky”. I am sure you will succeed next time.

Activations with non-SOTA people, even family, are not easy. Several times I have told those with me to go down as I have still been operating when they have wanted to leave. I have had to catch them up on the descent. Maybe you can team up with another SOTA Activator so you can urge each other on to the summit. :grinning:

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