Sota oe/oo-084

hi there … just two days after my last activation i “did it again” and activated this summit. i made a short video with my digicam, had lots of problems editing the videos on the computer … so please, please honour my work by WATCHING THE MOVIE!!

just kidding … but it would be nice if you would take the time and watch it, the url is

on my website you can find more details about my sota-activations!

vy73 de
martin, oe5reo

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hi martin!

you make always a great job and i hope, that
wasn’t your last sota-activation!!! :wink:

73 de christian oe5hce

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Hi Martin,

A nice movie and pictures,
On 40 m band (QSB but fine copy) and also at 20 m band I have heard several stations I,DL,LA,G,S5 ect … calling you but no copy from your side. 17 m band the conditions nil here … no whisper … zero/nothing.
About your antenna test: few minutes before our QSO I came in the shack and switch on the pc and TxRx and heard you calling … I have no rapport about the difference between your antennas. Perhaps next time.

Until next time and video.

73 Luc ON6DSL

o.k. thank you luc for the information. i heard no one calling on 20m and 17m! hopefully condx will get better in the next months!

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Hello Martin,

I have ‘honoured your work’ and found the experience enjoyable! Your backing music was good and I heard some callsigns that I know well from my SOTA ops. The summit looks nice; the trees must help with antenna support but also can screen signals a little on some frequencies. I sometimes wish we had trees on SOTAs here. You carried a lot of equipment up with you; the fact that you also had some energy left over for making and editing a video is admirable and provides an insight for us. I noticed your IC706; the same as mine.

Keep up the good work,
de John G4YSS - 73.

I have ‘honoured your work’ and found the experience enjoyable!

thank you very much for your reply and your kind words! i’m glad you like the music in my videos … i try to select relatively unknown artists, in this case an austrian band and an iclandic musician!

I noticed you IC706; the same as mine.

i’m sorry … but i have to tell you that it is a ic-703 (qrp 10w) in the video! i like this trx vy much und i do not regret buying it. as an antenna i used a buddipole with a tripod … so trees not needed. maybe in the future i will make a wire-dipole? will make it a little easier to carry!

vy73 de martin, oe5reo