SOTA-OE Activity Day

Amateur Radio Award for activating Austrian SOTA-Summits - Sunday, 18th May 2008

When planning a trip to/through Austria in May, keep this date in mind and don’t forget your radio-equipment.

If you are unfortunately not able to visit Austria in May, we would be happy to hear your call during the activity day wherever you are!

Chris, OE1CWA
Association-Manager SOTA-OE

In reply to OE1CWA:

Hi Chris, like many amateurs I’ll be in Friedrichshafen this June and have a free day on Sunday. Which is the nearest OE summit to Bregenz?

Nice if it was Pfänder, I could get the boat to Bregenz, Pfänderbahn to the summit, activate and then have a nice meal and a beer! :wink: I’ll have a car so I dont mind driving a little.


In reply to OE1CWA:
Hi Chris
Thanks for this information.
At the moment I´m on QRL in Austria. I hope to be there also on this Day, so I will take part on this activity. I will also activate some summits in Lower Austria on the next few weekends.

Best 73 de Tom DL1DVE

In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy,
Pfänder is a nice place to stay, with good beer too :slight_smile:
Have a look on:
It´s SOTA-Ref. is OE/VB-512.

Hpe to hear you from /OE.
Vy73 Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

In reply to DL4FDM:

Excelent Fritz, thank you. Beer and SOTA at the same time, fantastic!