Hi all,

We’re approaching the first SOTA News without Roy. Roy is going to be a very hard act to follow, but I’ll give it my best until a more permanent candidate can be found in the UK. He has given me a great deal of information about how he handled it and I’m going to emulate him as much as I can.

Just email your news to and I’ll get it into the News at the end of the month. One request: If you place the words “SOTA News” somewhere in the subject of your email, my email client will filter it into the correct folder and things won’t get lost.

I answer to either “Fred,” the name my Mom and Dad gave me, or “Skip,” the nickname my troopers gave me 45+ years ago. NA SOTA has a couple of “Fred’s” beside me, they’re fairly active, and it was getting confusing so I’m mostly Skip over here in the new world.

North American SOTA folks [including Hawai’i]: Just keep doing what you’ve been doing, I’ve got that set up already.


Fred/Skip K6DGW
SOTA News Dude