Contributions are invited for the May edition of SOTA News.

However, I am on holiday at the moment and will not return to the UK until early May.

The May edition of SOTA News will therefore be delayed by approximately one week and the deadline for input is extended until Friday 3rd May.

I am travelling and may not be able to acknowledge any contributions before publication. (No worries Mate).

Circular Quay
Australia (Hot sunny, 25C)
(sadly, not on the air)

In reply to G4SSH:

Australia (Hot sunny, 25C)
(sadly, not on the air)

Ah, but it’s so good to get away from that so-called “spring” we’ve been having. Enjoy your holiday. :wink:

73, Rick M0LEP/VK(6) (and sort-of on air, but mostly chatting with VK6 locals)

(…and even the WIA website seems to be unsure whether VK(6)/M0LEP or M0LEP/VK(6) is the preferred visitors callsign form. They say VK/ on one page, and /VK on another…)

In reply to G4SSH:

What parts of Oz are you exploring? Are you coming anywhere near Canberra?

VK1DA (Canberra) VK2UH (Yass - near Canberra)

In reply to VK1DA:

Hello Andrew

Sorry not coming your way. I have been here in Sydney for a week and am flying to Ayres Rock on Thursday for a few days, folowed by a week in Cairns and a couple of days in Hong Kong on the way home to Heathrow, late Friday 3rd May.

Your WX is an absolute delight after the long cold winter in the UK.


In reply to G4SSH:

Roy, do enjoy it, we are in the pleasant mild days of autumn and getting the first few tinges of almost frosty mornings up here in the higher country. You may get some cool evenings in the desert. Sydney always seems tropical to me! Cairns is truly tropical and you’ll really enjoy that.

Would have liked to catch up with you if it had been possible. next time!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

In reply to G4SSH:
Just to highlight the subject:::: SOTA NEWS CONTRIBUTIONS
They are still required as always.
There will just be a short delay for the publication.
So if you have any NEWS for the MAY NEWSLETTER please send in as normal.
de Kevin (G0NUP)
for Roy (G4SSH)