SOTA MTB Activation - Ranger Summit VE6/RA-090 (1722m)2points

Ranger Summit is accessible by MTB however it takes significantly longer than the recommended time when riding with a complete SOTA pack and 10m antenna pole.

Our total ascent ended up as 500m due to a wrong time turn…

The MTB trails at Bragg Creak are exceptional however remember to add at least one degree of technical and physical difficulty when riding with a full SOTA pack…

A rather tired VA6MCB



Great job Walker
I find that my 8 kg pack makes a big difference when riding technical trails on my bike too . I find you have to sit really up right and stay in the seat all the time, I have a BoB trailer which is easier on me but still requires considerably more effort than going unloaded. Wonder if you know of the Single wheel trailer i have seen a You Tube about a couple who road some serious tracks in South America one time . Its a trail behind pannier rack which hooks on much like a BoB basically. Good work though and great to see you combine the best two hobbies in the world.
Ian vk5cz …

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