SOTA Mountain Goat #5 for Bruno HB9CBR

Dear all

This is really a milestone, and a heavy one:


1,000 activations soon, still uniques, 50k summit contacts and a slow approach to 10 years in the programme. Congrats Bruno on this summary and your fifth SOTA Mountain Goat!

Each SOTA mountain goat is unique. Its fur is composed of parts of the peaks of the last 1,000 points and tells many stories: simple radio technology and magnificent nature, quiet hills and populated mountain tops, views or none, propagation and radio silence, solitude and connectivity.

Daniel HB9IIO was the goat contact today. And two points for the next goat are already booked. Enjoy your journey, Bruno!

Best 73 from Markus, HB9DIZ, and your many SOTA friends allover the globe.


Congratulation! 5 pets :goat: is quite a lot :slight_smile:

Bruno @HB9CBR, I wish you continued strength, fun and success on your tours. You have already seen and experienced a lot - the world is big. Thanks for all the QSOs so far between us. I look forward to the ones to come, whether as a chaser or as an activator in an s2s QSO.

Stay healthy and always a good climb and descent.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Congrats, Bruno!


Congratulations Bruno and thanks for all the S2S QSOs.

73 Richard

Amazing achievement :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

It was a pleasure to have 2 S2S contacts with you when I was in Iceland last summer. :beers:


-Josh WU7H

Congratulations, Bruno, glad to have been able to compliment you during a S2S, yesterday!
73 Fabio

Hello Bruno

Congratulations on the 5th mountain goat!

…and many thanks for the many S2S contacts

73 Armin

Lieber Bruno,
herzliche Gratulation zu deinen soooo vielen Aktivierungen. Ich freue mich immer über unsere S2S Kontakte, wie auch gestern wieder.

Bleib so wie du bist, gesund und munter.

73 Chris

Lieber Bruno,
herzlichen Glückwunsch zur fünften Geiss, und vielen Dank für all die S2S QSOs und Deinen Einsatz für HB9SOTA.

73 Jens

Gomes CT1HIX

Hallo Bruno

Gratuliere zur 5. Geiss

73 ruedi

Congratulations Bruno. Good job.

73’ Alain

congratulations bruno remarkable achievement , ray gm7nzi

Congratulation Bruno, extremely well done, certainly you are a top activator!!
Patrick ON4BCA

Congratulations champion, my best wishes.
73 José

Congratulations Bruno! Always great to work you S2S. Hope to help you on your way to number 6 :slight_smile:

73, Colin

Congratulations Bruno on achieving Mountain Goat 5 times.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Bruno!

73 Heinz

Many Congratulations on the 5,000 points Bruno. It’s always a pleasure to work you with your 5 watts putting in some excellent signals. All the best for the next 5,000!

73, Gerald

Whenever I see Bruno’s call on SOTAwatch or hear it I always think of this:

Well done Bruno.