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SOTA Microwave Award

So where does that leave Rule 4 then?

If you have made a QSO from a SOTA summit under SOTA rules, then you have activated it. You are not required to make 4 contacts, to be spotted on SOTAwatch, but you will have still activated the summit under SOTA rules. Rule 4 = tick :slight_smile:

Click on the link “Shop” above Dave.

OK, but I’m not sure why the UKuG outsourced this to SOTA, other than because the Awards Manager wanted to resign…

Rule 3.13.1 says
"All these certificates and trophies are issued upon request, by the Management Team’s
Awards Administrator, based on logs uploaded to the on-line database."

I will bring this up at the UKuG AGM next year - Thank you MM0FMF

So, The UKuG is now at the behest of the SOTA MT.


If Only I’d known that on Saturday.


Apologies Andy, I didn’t think that through earlier. I have now edited my earlier posts so that the correct advice is given - ie that logs DO need to be uploaded to the SOTA Database in order to be able to claim this particular award.

OK, but I’m not sure why the UKuG outsourced this to SOTA

Because this is a joint venture between UKuG and SOTA. It is an award for microwave operating from SOTA summits. I’m sure there are other microwave awards available that are not linked to SOTA.


The links above give information on microwave awards that do not necessarily involve SOTA and are not administered by SOTA Dave. Plenty there to have a go at.

So, just to get this right, UKuG operators, to claim this award, have to meet all of your criteria?


This could run and run…

I wish I had known this on Friday. The UKuG AGM might have been more interesting…

Yes! This award is for microwave operating from SOTA summits under SOTA operating conidtions. Have a look at the links I posts a few posts above for other awards you can chase if this is so distasteful to you.

But this is issued in conjunction with someone else. I’m not submitting to you, I’m a member of the UKuG, you have no call on me, why should I have to submit to your requirements? I went to a summit, I worked another station, I’m a member of the UKuG, why do you think you have rule over me?

Except that I doubt if many people at the AGM realized how much they were giving over to you…

I will make that clear to them if I can.

“Them”? “You”? Are we not all radio amateurs? Do we not see this as another way of getting more activity on the microwave bands?


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Feel free Dave. This particular award is a “SOTA Microwave Award”. Note the title of this thread, and the title of the award. It involves SOTA by definition. The award was created JOINTLY by UKuG and SOTA, and is administered JOINTLY by UKuG and SOTA. For our part, we provide the online logging platform, the award checking and the issuing of certificates. The UKuG oversee the whole process.

As I said, there are several other UKuG awards in which SOTA has no involvement whatsoever, either in requirements or administration. There is nothing to compel you to pursue the “SOTA Microwave Award” if you do not want to engage with SOTA.


No John,

Them and Us is well active in this.

I thought, twice, that SOTA was a nice friendly place to play, but it turned out not to be the case on both occasions…

It seems to me that the only person not being nice and friendly is you. You have members of the MT trying to help you and all you can do in thanks is spout abuse because, of all things, the SOTA microwave award is partly administered by SOTA, as if it could be anything else with SOTA in the title. Calm down, please.


Thank goodness for that.
It was beginning to sound like this was some compulsory right of passage :scream:
I’ve no time for this µwave stuff…

I was hoping that under the new reciprocal arrangements I might be able to claim some nice UKuG certificates for my 20m SOTA activation the other day but I guess that’s not going to happen either :unamused:


So what do you use to heat your ready-meals on a summit Pete? :wink:

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A solar barbecue, of course. Properly polished up, that redundant microwave dish might form the perfect solar energy collector. :wink: :wink: :wink: