SOTA Mapping Project

Hello to all and thanks for the kind comments. I started the first page of this project two weeks ago simply as a kind of “can I do this?” - type of problem and it quickly escalated into the three pages you now see. Each time I solved one problem I would ask myself if it could be taken just that little bit further…

OK, to the errors and bugs found so far:

  1. fixed problem of invalid summits;

  2. most recent summit activations not appearing - this is down to how often a data update is done. At the moment, this is weekly, but that could be improved (Andy?);

  3. the problem with the W0, W1,…, W6 Associations is down to the fact that these associations do not have unique/distinct Association names (they’re all called “USA”), in contrast to all the others. And I’m keying on the names…

  4. the problem with the “missing” Slovenian peak S5/CP-006, and others, is down to the fact that several Slovenian Regions names are empty. Fixed the dropdowns so that the summits in those Regions may nonetheless be accessed under the “(unnamed)” pseudonym;

Points 3) and 4) could be fixed either by:
a) contacting the managers responsible for the Associations / Regions in question and asking for their assistance in assigning distinct names, or
b) the MT making arrangements to provide a better/more accessible data-dump (to be discussed: Andy?), than the present CSV file; or both.

As far as the question of which browser is concerned, one has to remember that a browser is simply a communications tool. It's a bit like having a couple of mobile phones - one of them will be your favourite and the others have their uses: one might be a smartphone, one an iPhone (which is probably a smartphone anyway ;) ), another with no bells or whistles at all (like mine). You don't discard the others when you buy/are given another, and so it is with browsers - you can have one, or several, on your machine. The only difference is that the computer operating system may ask you which browser you wish to use as "standard" browser. And you make that choice.

So choosing not to download a browser which could well provide you with a better functionality, or faster loading of web pages, or better adherence to accepted industry standards, or possibly a more completely rounded and satisfying browsing experience (and NO, sorry, IE doesn’t provide you with any of these) seems a little perverse. And I know this for a fact, because I’ve been there - I personally resisted downloading other browsers for a very long time, before a kind friend introduced me to the Wonderful World of Browsers… But seriously, as Andy has hinted, the IE product range is unfortunately badly flawed and has been since it was introduced, and that’s a shame since Microsoft have certainly produced one or two stunning software packages (MS SQL Server, anybody?).

Enough from me, I need now to recover from this weekends’ contest…


In reply to DM1CM:

Very nice job and maps, works fine here!

73 / SM5KRI

In reply to DM1CM:
The more I play with your software the more impressed I am. Great bit of work, Thank you.
73, Frank

In reply to G3RMD:

Frank, thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you like the application.

The spots mapping page has now been updated so that all the various parts work in tandem. There’s bound to be a bug or two lurking under the floorboards, though ;)…


PS - did I say ALL parts? - I meant most parts. Watch this space…

In reply to HB9CMI:

Peter, it’s still where it was: go to , click on the “Summits” menu, and choose “SOTA Mapping Project”.

I think later it will be included in the main Sotawatch menu, so it will be a little easier to reach.

73 Rob

PS - I’m VERY impressed by your QRP station featured in your page. Neato!

In reply to DM1CM:
OK Rob and sorry, it was my mistake. I’ll delete my entry.