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Dear all,

I’ve just designed a little app to locate activators on a map, based on sotwatch alerts page.

Some of you may find it useful…

Phil / F5RHY.

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Very cool…THANKS!

I would also love it if someone made an app that could overlay all sota peaks on a google map all at once so that it would be easier to plan activations while on trips.

If I could then overlay driving directions I could see if any peaks were close to my trip.

While the SOTA website will make a list of close peaks to any city, if we had an app that put all sota peaks on a google map at once, it would be very easy to find mountains that had nearby road access…

73 & thanks again,

Very good Phil.

I like the feature to select a future date and look at the spread of activation alerts.

I hope that maps for 2nd and 3rd May start to “fill up” now with alerts for International SOTA Weekend.


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Mario (DL0QW), following your request, the service has been renamed to sota view. New URL is
A redirection has been set up from the old one to the new one

Phil, F5RHY.

I justed tested it for tomorrow (Sunday 29th) but don’t see all alerts on the map, just three of them.

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I see all 4 valid ones. Zoom in a bit Tom, the DM/SX ones are close together.

Very nice indeed Phil, Bravo!

73 Marc G0AZS

I realise why I couldn’t see INK’s on there now - he didn’t specify a particular SOTA reference.


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Hi Phil

Excellent ! - very useful map - what a good idea

73 es mci bcp

Graham G3OHC

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Great idea Phil, many thanks!

Roger MW0IDX

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I may be missing the point that you make but all the sota summits are available as a .kml file that you can import into your own copy of Google Earth.

It was last updated in Jan this year by Martyn M1MAJ, so I presume it is a ‘live’ file.

You can find it (and lots of useful stuff) in the files section of the old Yahoo reflector.

Edit: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos is a shorter link to the whole files section.

All the best, Dick.

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Congrats Philippe, fine job !
If you want to change job, you can ring at the door of Bill Gates.:slight_smile:
73 QRO,
André F5AKL

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Thanks Dick, I did not know that was there.

It took me a day or two to get my Google Earth running again (video driver problems), but now it is up with the SOTA file…fantastic.

Thanks & 73,