SOTA makes the big time in the Belfast Hills Partn

I’ve just been made aware that I feature in the summer edition of the Belfast Hills Partnership Newsletter for my activation of Divis (GI/AH-004).

I’m not that keen on the headline and I’m not actually from Whiteabbey!

Full newsletter here
and the all important extract here:

This I think is good as it not only promotes SOTA but also acknowledges that our activities are welcomed by both the BHP and the NT who “manage” the hill.

I suppose I should mention that my sister (who accompanied me on the activation) works for the BHP and has an office right on the doorstep of Divis…


In reply to G4ISJ:

They say that “No publicity is bad publicity” and while I sympathise with you about the headline, it’s quite catchy.

Well done for getting your activation in the newsletter :slight_smile:


In reply to G4ISJ:


I awalys find the juxtaposition of “https” and “fbcdn” most entertaining. Let’s use https so we keep the content secure from prying eyes whilst it’s travelling over the Intarweb tubes. Then we get the content from fbcdn i.e. Facebook Content Delivery Network, where Facebook is to privacy as Dawn French is to dieting and calorie control! :wink:

Rotten headline but nice little article to have in the non-technical press. Always nice to see more activity from GI and EI.


So the Belfast Hills “enters” ‘radio hamming’ for the first time does it? Amazing some of the wild assumptions editors make when you send them something! Nonetheless, as has been said, a positive article, and good to have an ‘agreeability’ to our activity published in this way from an official body.

The first time we did Divis GI/AH-004, it was just a few days before public access was available in this area. But Colin GI0RQK (GI AM) had 'phoned the relevant authority and was told that our planned activity was fine.

We enjoyed a memorable activation of Divis in 2008. This time Jimmy (then MI3EYP/P) also activated the summit, and we had a ball of a time on 80m CW and 80m SSB. In fact we went on to activate the entire GI/AH region on that trip (meeting Colin again on Knocklayd GI/AH-002), as well as a few of the GI/MMs and a GI/CA.

I really like Divis. The view over Belfast, and Belfast Lough is fantastic.