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Do you think we could try this on the fells with the SOTA logo?


In reply to G6LKB:
Excellent !

Just goes to show, Welsh sheep are not that stupid after all : )
Alun 2W0CYM

In reply to 2W0CYM:


Rhwydd gamwr hawdd ei gymell, i’r mynydd
A’r mannau anghysbell;
Hel a didol diadell
Yw camp hwn yn y cwm pell

:slight_smile: Y Ci Defaid …



Alun, welai di dros y Nadolig.

In reply to G0PEB:
Je me demande ce que ce type de Gallois disait ?

David g6lkb

In reply to G0PEB:
Perffaith! Oes gennych chi englynion eraill Robat am y mynyddoedd? Oes gadair SOTA i ennill am yr englyn gorau?
Nadolig llawen i chi, Alun, Eleri, John yn Fflint a’r Cymry eraill SOTA


David G6LKB
I love a good Englyn largely because I had to learn one each week to recite to my teacher on Friday at Bala Primary School [Ysgol Goch] to earn house points. It was a chore and as a recent settler I was rubbish at it. I may not understand every word - that’s for real Welsh people - but enjoy the sentiment in this case the longing for remote places in the mountains [I think].
David M0YDH

late correction in 2011 :- The Sheep Dog
A fast strider, his coercion easy – to the mountain
And the remote places;
To gather a scattered flock
Is an achievement in the far valley.