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SOTA logo font

hey All–

just a quick question after having searched the forums and not turned up much: which font is that being used in the SOTA logo? I know it’s one of those obvious stock fonts but for some odd reason can’t find it…(plus it doesn’t show up in any SOTA documentation that I’ve found so I can’t open up sth with it and highlight it just to find out…)

Thanks a bunch!

Jason HL4/W2VLA

In reply to HL4/W2VLA:

It looks like Britannic Bold to me.

In reply to M1MAJ:

Thanks! that appears to be it–I’ll have to get me some and play around with it…I wanted to get some “HL SOTA” stickers printed to distribute around here as propaganda at the next hamfest next month…the interest is increasing and the prep work is closing in on completion…

73 de HL4/W2VLA