SOTA "local 5"

I think of Corndon Hill, Stiperstones, Long Mynd, Brown Clee & Titterstone Clee as being my “local 5” hills. These can be activated comfortably from Wolverhampton over two days and are great in winter for the bonus points.

On Fri Feb 1, I activated the first 3 of these along with Dei / M0YDH. Photos at:

The orange 2-person shelter was invaluable as the wind pressed it into the fence on Corndon Hill to provide perfect shelter for the operators. On Stiperstones, our 2m-ssb QSO’s with G0RQL in Holdsworthy, Devon faded into oblivion: an indication of the on coming rain. So on Long Mynd, I sat with an orange tent over me and scribed while M0YDH held the antenna.

A great day out and a well-earned 15 points. Thanks to all the chasers.

M0TYM, Alastair Hopkins