SOTA-Link Survey

For future planning I would be interesting in finding out who has what gear:

  • FM HT
  • DMR HT
  • Fusion HT
  • Hotspot
  • Network radio

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When I activate I usually do CW. I try 80 thru 10 m. I sometimes take a microphone but
mostly CW. I cannot work any stations from the Right coast to the Left Coast on an HT or 2
meters even with my beam. A worthless effort for me to work a 10 pointer for sure.
John Paul//AB4PP

You do realise that this about using linked repeaters (linked via the internet) to send spots and alert information. You would only be making a local contact to the repeater to pass that info and using the repeater linking to allow people “wherever” to know you were about and active. Rather like spotting via the internet or an SMS but with less mobile phone and more amateur radio ( in parts ).

It’s actually not about that, which is why I have never said it was. It’s about having an audio communications channel that the SOTA community can use as both chasers and activators. As the backbone will be digital it might indeed support other data services but that’s not my focus right now.

Could be… Like the reflector at SOTAwatch some might like to use it and others won’t. Some might establish their own infrastructure to give access if they see that it adds value to what they do. Others will not find it of interest.

No, I was meaning voice based.

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