SOTA-Link Project

Thanks to Christphe ON6ZQ and Geoff G4WHA for the chat tonight through FCS004-073 via my Yaesu FT2 and SharkRF/ openSPOT. Need to get my profile set up for DMR within the system now. Already primed Geoff for a few C4FM contacts when I’m up in LD in a few weeks time.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Progress update: I spent a happy hour at the office beating a Wires-X <=> FCS bridge into submission. It does seem to work but to test it properly I need to be at home. If it does work then things get much more interesting as this is the final stage in the connectivity needed to form a useful system.

2m C4FM <=> MB6SO <=> Wires-x <=> FCS <=> DMR

That allows easy hotspot access plus on-air access via C4FM and DMR.

At that stage I will need to sit in a dark room listening to wave sounds on Spotify for a few hours.


My DMR, etc hotspot has arrived. Tiny little thing it is. I’m 90% there in getting it set up.

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The SOTA-Link DMR <=> FCS bridge is possible not working at the moment. I hope to look at it this afternoon.

[Edit - someone has just confirmed that the FCS <=> DMR bridge does in fact work.]

Which did you get. And how much :). My RD-5R and had. A few QSOs tonight.


Hi Wade,
That RD-5R is the Boefeng made in conjunction with radioddity isn’t it? How do you find it? I think it’s probably the cheapest dual band with Tier I and II DMR support.


Four of us just had QSO across the entire system and it all works. The Wires-x <=> FCS link is now running nicely. I will shortly publish a user guide as I guess that to most people this all sounds very alien (and I don’t mean aquaphibian).


We’ve arrived in Lanzarote, and there is a Fusion node here - EA8/G0JUL - via which I hope to be able to access WIRES-X, and the SOTA-LINK room.

Looking forward to putting the concept of the SOTA back-channel into practice.


It is. For all the world looks like a UV5R until you turn it on. One niggle - DMR IDs rather than CS or name shows.

Also added benefit does FM dual band too.


Many thanks to Richard G3CWI for breaking his journey home from the radio club this evening to answer my calls via the SOTA-link room!

Managed to connect our local Fusion repeater GB3XX in Daventry to the room, and our local 2m Fusion Gateway MB6CV here in Coventry (many thanks to Gateway owner James for allowing us to experiment with Wires-X👍).

Now to test my RPi hotspot & FT70D for access via FCS-0073, and if that works, hope to take it with me and link via mobile WiFi and speak to someone on my next activation…



Im now at 80% in getting it running. Grrrr…

Hi Wade,
The DMR-ID not displaying is across all DMR HTs at the moment I believe. Ham radio Workbench podcast did an introduction to DMR a couple of weeks back and that’s one of their comments as well. Displaying the call sign assigned to the DMR-ID would be rather useful - perhaps in later versions of Firmware / Brandmeister servers??

If you set up a contact woth a name for a specific DMR-ID, that might display the name instead of the ID - worth trying anyway.

Anyway, I’ve just ordered my RD-5R - it’s not the best DMR HT for sure but probably reasonable to try out DMR and my justification is that my old dual-band FM HT has battery problems (they no longer charge correctly). I managed to find a supplier in Berlin selling at the same price as China - I suspect it’s really a Chinese company with a German fullfilment centre, which happens a lot now.

I wont have it by Saturday unfortunately - probably sometime next week.

Not sure if this is up-to-date world-wide (it looks like he takes manual updates) but this seems like a useful site to find DMR repeaters

Nothing shown for ACT as far as I can see: (Checking elsewhere VK1RBM is a DMR-Plus repeater)

73 Ed.

Help requested

If anyone here has their own Fusion node (private or public) and would like to assist in furthering the SOTA-Link project, drop me a private message @G3CWI

There are 3 x DMR networks with limited connectivity. When you say “DMR” it helps to identify which one. DMARC, DMR+ & Brandmiester.

Now at 96.451% in getting the Brandmiester Hot Spot set up in Ryde, Sydney. This thread will close before I get there I reckon…

I do usually say which DMR network. To avoid confusion our TG is BM (Brandmeister) TG973. Amazing that your hotspot has taken so long to set up. I set up a DV Mega yesterday - took 10 minutes (max.).

Grrrrr… RF to the Hot Spot is OK. Hot Spot to the BM network is the issue. Port issue on the router? Who knows. Grrr. Its a Jumbo Hot Spot.

Buy cheap, pay with your own time. That’s usually the way!

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