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SOTA-Link Project Part 3


No plans - but nothing to stop you doing so if you wish. More interconnection is probably a good thing.


Hmm, perhaps I suggested 700 or something then. I don’t believe 500 was what the limit was set at in Discourse - I think no limit was the default at the time of the survey (or at least it seemed to be - perhaps it was 10,000). I know there were only a few options offered (see below) and none of them suited my choice and hence I probably didn’t vote - I honestly can’t remember. We’re an apathetic lot - It looks like only a very small percentage of the users actually voted - so we only have ourselves to blame.

Age of a thread coule be a better way to control for ever on-going threads and clean-up the list but I don’t know if discourse can do this?

This is way off subject for this thread - my original response in this thread was to Markus HB9DIZ who would like the decision reviewed and re-voted upon given the experineces we are having with the 100 entry limit.

Perhaps Markus should start a new thread to expand on his thoughts.

73 Ed.


Trying to get this thread back on course. I talked to Rowland G4APO via the SOTA-Link TG yesterday and he made a suggestion that we start a weekly SOTA net in the TG on a Sunday afternoon - of course only if not in use by an activator at the time.

What does everyone think?

73 Ed.


No, the limit at the time of the survey was 500 - that’s how the whole thing came about - a topic reached 500 and was auto-closed, sparking a discussion.

I really don’t think a new thread should be started to reopen the discussion. A clear instruction was given in the vote and it would be disrespectful to reopen the debate only 8 months later.

A weekly SOTA net on SOTA-LINK is a good idea, but maybe not Sunday afternoon. Myself, I would suggest Sunday evening UTC, so that it is the end of the weekend for EU, afternoon across the Americas, and Monday morning for JA / VK.


Ok thanks for the correction. That would make sense that I wanted 700 or so - as the old saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time and we are all allowed to have our own opinions.

My opinion is that after a trial period of a change, the effect should be reviewed and I am seeing more complaints about the 100 entry limit than we saw with the 500 limit, hence I would suggest that it is in no-way disrespectful to review an implemented change. However it would cause more work to change the limit again and that I totally see that as a reason to delay a review.

73 Ed.


I’m sure at some point it will be reviewed Ed. But 8 months after a consultation, vote and decision?

The work point is valid. There’s plenty going on behind the scenes at present, and looking again at the maximum number of posts after such a comprehensive consultation and decision-making process, is simply not on the to-do list as it stands.


DD5LP and DK3CW have been active in SOTA-Link today from HAMRADIO 2018. No contact resulted (for reasons unknown).


Hmm. VK2HRX heard today but no QSO resulted - maybe there’s a problem?


Was trying to get onto VK1MIC who is setting up a Hot Spot. To be continued…


It turned out that the DMR link was broken. Now fixed.


I THINK I have my DMR hotspot set up correctly. Sitting on TG973 now. Noting the time zone 180 degrees :smiley:


Reason from my side was the hall noise - i heard (I think) a G6 call me back but I simply couldn’t hear over the crowd noise.

73 Ed.


I guess the advice would be for activators to indicate in their alerts that they will be listening to SOTALink etc as we normally do for 2m fm etc.



I listened on the first of my two activations on Sunday (and had indicated that I would). Nothing heard - I think apart from Jan OK2PDT all the SOTA chasers were still in bed! On my second activation we were recording for ICQ Podcast, so I had no chance to check SOTA-Link.

73 Ed.


There are a few people about - but rather sporadically. I have spoken to Andy G6PJZ, Compton VK2HRX and Gene KJ4M in the last 24 hours.


Juts a reminder that I have two FT70D radios available for loan anyone who wants to try SOTA-Link. PM me for details.


I’m monitoring SOTA-LINK on my activation, right now.


Nothing heard on 6m FT8 (also called you) - also called you on the SOTA-LINK and no reply. Looks like conditions are not good ATM

73 Ed.


The DMR part of SOTA-Link is down at the moment. It suffers from some odd intermittent automatic voice announcement that creates havoc. No-one knows what it says or where it comes from. DMR poltergeist?


Good to know the parties are still going on, even if they get Spooooked from time to time. HI