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SOTA LD Weekend 2021, 11-12 Sept 2021 - Part 2

Sorry I missed you Andy from my perch near Thirsk. I heard you briefly before you went over to DV, but my radio pre-dates that mode and I was plugged up for HF with my FT-991A…

I didn’t video all the G/LD operators I worked on HF and VHF (2m AND 6m FM). Here is a selection I just uploaded to YouTube:

SOTA Lake District weekend - G/LD Operators Voices

Video is 6 minutes long - apologies for the sound quality, filmed using mobile phone. It was great fun taking part as a Chaser in the event! Thank you Mark M0NOM for continuing the theme from 2019. I’ll try and get some more G/LD QSOs tomorrow from two Scottish summits.

73 Phil


Excellent Dave. Hopefully I will have 4g and get a spot away. If not I’ll call on 145.500 or scan around.

Thanks for the video Phil great to hear everyone from your location. I was using the super antenna in 20m configuration for my 6m qso with the ft817 running at .5w to reduce the effect of the swr, Helvellyn is line of sight with Pike of Blisco so thought it was worth a try!

Hope to get you tomorrow.


Nice little activation from LD049 today - wish I’d have had more time, but managed 28 Qs in the hour and 15 mins available - this included 8 S2S (3X LD summits).

Would like to have stayed longer as could hear more summits as I was packing up… but some is better than none as they say ! It must have been getting busy as there was some stations using 12.5 spacing which was causing splatter… not a complaint, just good to see so many on the 2m band :slight_smile:

I’ll try and keep the weekend free next year to make a better effort.

73 - Chris M0KPW


Great day today on Blencathra. We worked a solid pileup on 2m fm for about 3hrs before switching to HF. Unfortunately on HF all we heard was ‘Contest’ before we finally surrendered to the midges.

Mark G0UOK
Sharron M7SHZ
Steve G5ZX


I tried calling around 1200z (2m FM) but there were too many strong stations locally in LD land for anyone to hear me. My signal would have been weak but would have got through. On a quieter day it would have worked no problem. 5 watts into a 4 element beam from my handheld.




Some stats for the weekend:

11/09/2021 Stoney Cove Pike G/LD-018

30x 2m FM (14x S2S)
3x 23cms FM (2x S2S)
3x 13cms SSB (2xS2S)

2m MW0TYM/P GW/NW-007 195km
23cms G4ZRP 125km
13cms GW4AZS/P GW/MW-013 213km

2m FT817 1W into 300Ohm riibbon feeder J-pole at 4m AGL
23cms DJ-G7 1W into 3ele WA5VJB PCB Yagi hand held
13cms SG Lab 2W into double-double quad at 1.5m AGL

12/09/2021 Gummer’s How G/LD-050

17x 2m FM (9x S2S)
2x 30m CW

2m MM6BWA/P GM/SS-217 116km

2m FT817 2.5W into 300Ohm riibbon feeder J-pole at 4m AGL
30m FT817 5W into coax fed dipole (when I found some coax that worked!)

In addition, 4 new completes and a new DXCC, GW on 13cms.

I used the same 4200mHr LiFePO for 3 activations without charging, the charger said 18% capacity remaining when I started the charge cycle.

Scald Law GM/SS-125 35x HF CW/SSB QSOs 5W 2hr 30 operating (some waffly QSOs!)
Stoney Cove Pike G/LD-018 33x VHF FM/SSB QSOs 1W 2hr35 operating
Gummer’s How G/LD-050 17x VHF FM QSOs 2.5W 2x HF CW 5W 1hr 23 operating

Thanks to all who played and for a good natter in the pub on Saturday night. First time I have spent an evening away from home since November 2019.


Sorry I missed you Frazer. I did have the beam pointing north for most of the day, but Skiddaw was in the way!


I’m still in the Lake District and planning to activate Blake Fell G/LD-031 Wednesday 15 September. 40m and 20m SSB and if my nerve holds CW. Posibly 60m too. Will end with 2m FM. Late morning timing. If I manage to get up there!

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Hi All

Thanks everyone for a great weekend of SOTA. I have posted some pics on another thread but here are my stats.

G4OOE stats:

Sat 11 Sep 21 G/LD-046 Lambrigg Fell
45 qsos
145-fm - 17 qsos - 12 s2s
14-cw - 18 qsos - 5 s2s
10-cw - 1 qso - 1 s2s
7-cw - 3 qsos - 3 s2s
7-ssb - 3 qsos - 3 s2s
5-cw - 1 qso
5-ssb - 2 qsos - 1 s2s

Sun 12 Sep 2021 G/LD-030 Black Combe
22 qsos
145-fm - 22 qsos - 11 s2s

Nick G4OOE


Thanks to Mark for organising a great weekend. I enjoyed meeting lots of people at the pub in the evening, and as a suprise extra met Ian (GI0AZB) and Esther (GI0AZA) as I walked down from Burnhope Seat (G/NP-003). Loads of S2S contacts as well as chasers (thanks all), but due to the mostly unreleting rubbish visability very few photographs…

(This one was my second ascent of Grizedale Pike after having completed Grasmoor, and was the first time I had seen it all day)
As usual
Missing from the rucksack… - On the Sunday managed to leave the 2m HH behind, resulting in an additional 25 mile drive, but it did have the advantage of meeting Ian & Esther! The other key item would have been a spoon to eat the tin of soup consumed after the long walk up Grizedle Pike and Grasmoor… Oh and finally realising that the map had not downloaded properly on the phone making the escape from Grizedale Forest up to Grizedle Pike a bit harder…
Additional Mystery Item Too much water and a sun hat!

Finally - Woody “That dog is driving me mad” would like to apologise to the chasers on Sunday Morning. Not only did he get out the car, to be met with some colourful language once I realised the 2m rig was safely on charge at home, but was bundled back in the car while it was retrieved. To add injustice he did see a couple of grouse on the way up the moor (There are very few this year and many estates have cancelled all shoots) and obviously wanted to communicate his joy at finding them to anyone near - including over the radio… sorry… Paul


Great to meet you and Woody on Saturday evening. I can’t help thinking that staying upright must be a challenge at times with Woody on the lead!

Cheers, Mark

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After my day Chasing from the back of my car on Saturday from the North York Moors I drove to Scotland on the Sunday for some “SOTA Cycling”. I only managed to cycle one mile each way - the rest was a walk and stagger on to GM/SS-170 Black Craig of Dee, from where I worked four of the G/LD activators and another seventeen stations on 2m FM.

You can read about it here: GM/SS-170

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Most definitely the wrong route. You paid more to park than the toll on the Raiders Road where there is no body to collect it and had a real horrorshow route in. The route up the hill is always terrible due to the ground. I’m surprised you took this route as you commented on my route on the Raiders Road in April 2019. The Raiders Road routes needs just over 1km walk before the hell starts. The road is smooth enough to get a Formula 1 car up, your Chelsea Chariot would have done it with ease. My old A5 with 120mm ground clearance would have done it.

Firstly, thanks for Mark and everyone else involved in organising this great weekend!

I only reconnected with amateur radio, after a nearly 40 year break, around the start of this year and discovered SOTA which appealed greatly to me. Living in Cambridgeshire I don’t have any local summits, so the opportunity for a weekend activating was too good to miss.

At fairly last minute I found a campsite just outside Kendal and enjoyed(!) a Friday drive up the M6, diverting off for a quick activation of G/NP-015 late on Friday afternoon to try out my build of Stephan @HB9EAJ 's 7 band EFHW in a proper open space. This worked well but I had a nightmare with CW, despite having been getting on ok chasing at home. So I decided to continue with SSB for the rest of the weekend and try to sort out the CW later.

I set my alarm for 06:30 Saturday morning to try to ensure I could find space to park the camper van at Kirkstone Pass, but I needn’t have worried as it was only around half full. Made up a flask of coffee and set off for my first summit G/LD-018 Stony Cove Pike. Now I should perhaps mention that my last serious hill walking was in my 20s when as a post grad I was warmly welcomed into the hill walking club at uni since I was old enough to drive the 18 seater minibus. So my route planning may have been based more on what my young legs would have been happy with, but hey now we are here…

Setting out the weather wasn’t too promising to start with:

Having seen the MWIS forecast the night before I decided to take the Chameleon MPAS Lite vertical rather than the wire antenna, as I was more confident it would survive the forecast 30+ mph winds.

Saturday morning G/LD-018 Stony Cove Pike:
15 QSO: 2x80m, 6x20m, 2x17m, 5x2m with 9 s2s, best DX 1634km to EA4R on 17m SSB

It was nice to work @GI0AZA and @GI0AZB on 80m and I had a 59 both ways chat on 20m with S57S about the IC-705, even though he was beaming the wrong way into Russia.

I realised I would have to keep my sessions short if I wanted to make the trip to High Street and back, but really felt like I wanted to get a decent walk in so packed up around midday, after a quick 2m FM contact with Stuart @G1ZAR who was already on High Street with his VHF & microwave gear. The weather was starting to dry out a bit now, although the rocks descending into Threshtwaite Mouth were quite slippery and I was able to donate my roll of electrical tape to another walker whose shoe had fallen apart.

There were glimpses of better weather ahead though:

Saturday afternoon G/LD-011 High Street:
10 QSO: 3x40m, 4x20m, 2x17m, 1x2m with 5 s2s, best DX 2717km to UR3LM on 20m SSB

Radio and sandwiches deployed on High Street:

I was setup on High Street at around 2pm and had a quick s2s with Andy @MM0FMF back on Stony Cove Pike before a few contacts on 40/20/17m. It was going to have to be a quick session to have time to get back to the campsite, shower and eat before heading to the pub. The wind started to pick up with some quite strong gusts at this point. Finished with a call from Christian @F4WBN and then time to prepare for Threshtwaite Mouth again!

Leaving High Street:

Overall on Saturday about 6 hours walking and 2.5 hours operating which perhaps wasn’t the optimum way to build up my chaser points, but I did enjoy being back in the hills.

On Sunday I had to fit in an activation before travelling the 6 hours back to Cambridge, so decided to try Greyrigg Forest as it was on my way and didn’t have too high an activation count. Following a tip off from Andy 'FMF I parked in a lay-by by the B-road at 613 998 from where you go through the gate opposite, cross the sheep field diagonally to pickup a wall and about half way along there’s a place to climb over the wall then straight up the hill. There’s no path, just foot high grasses, thistles and some wild flowers. Once on the top its a short walk along to the trig point.

What a contrast to Saturday! The sun came out, the ground was dry and I had the summit to myself. I took the 7 band EFHW and when I switched on the radio on 17m - boom - S9+ JA station calling CQ. Unfortunately he wanted to rag chew with serial 400w+ stations so after a couple of calls I soon gave up as I didn’t want to waste too much time. But the bands were in good shape and I later heard another JA station on 20m who was also quite strong.

Sunday morning G/LD-038 Greyrigg Forest:
25 QSO: 1x40m, 13x20m, 5x17m, 10x2m with 19 s2s, best DX 3131km to EA8YN on 17m SSB

I could have happily stayed here all day - no one else around except a Buzzard circling overhead and the occasional flock of small birds using the EFHW as a perch. Wonderful 360deg views, warm and a gentle breeze.

It was great to meet everyone and I had a really enjoyable, if all too short, weekend.

73, Jonathan

ps. to conclude the CW story, whilst a lot of the problem is almost certainly my lack of experience, I found the root cause of why the dash paddle appeared to be a bit sticky. I was using one of the CWMorse 3d printed keys, and when I took apart this week I found that they have made a mistake in the design/manufacturing. The M3 caged bearings need to be clamped by a washer no larger than 5mm OD, otherwise the washer or nut bridges the inner and outer part of the bearing, rendering the bearing useless. They appear to get away with this by not tightening up the nut properly, however once it moves a bit it can start to bind. I’ve ordered some small M3 shim washers that should fix the problem.


I said in my blog report that it was a bad route, so you told us nothing. Once again Andy your parochial comments make me wonder why I bother writing reports of my activations, which I hope help others and serve me as a record of what I do. Your last response to my activation of Wether Law made me decide not to post reports on this reflector any more. I think many of your comments are unkind to newer participants also. Goodnight.