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SOTA LD Weekend 2021, 11-12 Sept 2021 - Part 2

I’ll throw the 2/4m Woxun in the rucksack and make sure its monitoring 145.500 and 70.450MHz. I’ll be setting off from
Swirls car park around 7.30.


I will have 4m with me on Saturday on Binsey

What a pity I didn’t know you were going to do that test. HRC is only 8km from my QTH and I could have worked you on groundwave.

I will have 6m with me on Saturday.

MWIS forecast for Saturday:

Viewing Forecast For

Lake District
Saturday 11th September 2021
Last updated Thu 9th Sep 21 at 4:30PM

How Windy? (On The Summits)

Westerly, 20 to 25mph, strongest by afternoon, risk 30-35mph on higher summits.

Effect Of The Wind On You?

Increasingly blustery on higher terrain; feeling distinctly cool on tops by sunset.

How Wet?

Small amounts of rain

Patchy rain or drizzle from time to time, locally perhaps a brief shower. On western fells may be fairly persistent over several hours, but total rainfall small.

Cloud On The Hills?

Fairly persistent higher tops

Blanket cloud across most fells in the morning, to low levels in western areas, where likely to persist above 500-600m much of the day. Bases tending to lift a little, with some breaks above 600-700m toward east of about Helvellyn.

Chance Of Cloud Free Summits?

10% west; 30% east

Sunshine And Air Clarity?

Mostly cloudy, glimpses of sun mainly toward the east. Visibility generally good below cloud, reduced where rain occurs.

How Cold? (At 750m)

Around 10C, but falling toward 7C by dusk.

Freezing Level

Above the summits

I will be out on LD-049 on Sunday morning around 1030 local time.
I’ll have 2m FM and hope to get a few S2Ss.
Probably only have an hour or so before having to pack up.

Hope to work a few of you !
73, Chris M0KPW


I’m most probably going to be on LD-008 Blencathra on Saturday - time TBC. HF and 2m FM with handheld.

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So G/LD operators and others are aware:

Saturday I will be QRV as G4OBK/P 1100 feet ASL on the North York Moors (NOT A SUMMIT - chasing only).

Sunday I will be QRV as GM4OBK/P from two summits in GM/SS Dumfries & Galloway.
Monday I will be QRV as GM4OBK/P from three summits in GM/SS Dumfries & Galloway / Ayrshire

73 Phil G4OBK


I thought of Tom M1EYP’s favourite saying “Fail to prepare then prepare to fail” and decided I’d get some cash in case I need to use cash payment parking machines this weekend. I have some paper (plastic) cash money that I took out of a bank Christmas 2020/New Year 2021 that hasn’t been spent but had about £1.75 in coins, everything is paid online or by card since Lockdown 1.0 started in Mar 2020 so cash is not king any

I popped into Santander Bank to change a £20 note in to assorted 50/£1/£2 coins. “Account number please?” I explained I bank with their online subsidiary but she said no. “You will have to visit one of their branches”. Difficult as it’s online only but no, money laundering rules says you cannot change cash without an account. I don’t know if money laundering £20 paper to coins and back is really effective if you are a drug dealer with millions to clean but Santander think so.

Post Office: no that’s money laundering. “OK one second class stamp please and the change in coins”. “No because I now know you are trying to get change for that £20 note.” Same at the Betting shop. In the end I wander into ASDA which has a pay and display car park. “Can I have some change for the parking please? In fact I never have change, can I have £20 in £1 coins and I’ll leave them in the ashtray in the car and I’m sorted for parking charges till Christmas.” “No problem here you go.”

So the law to stop money laundering forced me to lie to get some change. You couldn’t make it up.


Andy, prepare to have the shopkeepers in Coniston bite those Scottish coins before accepting them.

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I may have written this before…

I grew up in Liverpool before ending up in Scotland. About 15 years back we (the family) were visiting my mum in Liverpool and she had run out of something. So me and Sarah nipped to the local convenience store to buy what was missing and get a Sunday paper. Add on my kids and we needed two ice creams as well. Sarah hands over a Scottish £10 note and the spotty youth serving says “we don’t take Scottish notes you can pay by card though as it is over £5.” Sarah took out her Bank Of Scotland debit card and gave it to the youth to put in his machine. “That’s a Scottish Bank card there for a Scottish account, it will have Scottish pounds in it.” I helpfully announced :-). Sarah kicked me and the youth wandered off into the back of the store with the card to see the boss about whether they could accept a Scottish debit card. A moment later there was lots of “You stupid boy how can you be so thick” type comments coming from the boss. Sarah was not amused, me and my youngest had a terrible time keeping a straight face when the youth returned. Well if they don’t like taking my Jockish money I’m going to get my own back.


Yes, but we all enjoy how, on each retelling, it becomes more legendary.

P.S. The other day, I agreed with my wife to go the rest of the day without teasing and sarcasm. It was really hard.


I will be out on Saturday doing 4 WOTA summits, one of which is Blencathra LD-008 which i should be on with Reg 2E0LDF early afternoon.
I will have 4m and 23 cms with me so will call on the respective calling channels when i am on the various summits. I will also try and listen for any activity whilst walking to.
73’s Geoff GM4WHA


I wasn’t sure if there were Scottish coins and there are such things. But they all have the same design, no matter which country they’re from. Mine are 2017 coins and the reverse shows the Nations of the Crown for the constituent countries of the UK. Also they say Elizabeth II on the front which suggests an English coin. The Queen may be Elizabeth the 2nd of England and Wales but she’s only Elizabeth the 1st of Scotland. That’s why PO boxes up here just say ER on them not ER II !

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Paul G4MD and I used to “launder” our acquired Scottish currency at Tebay services on the way home after an outing. I’m sure there’s a shuttle service which takes the notes from the southbound area to the northbound area so they can be returned northwards with the next influx of cash payers. Well that’s how it seems to me. :wink:


Isle of Man coins on first appearance look the same as English coinage but I’m pretty sure they aren’t legal tender here. When I was travelling there regularly it confused the hell out of me, let alone anyone else.

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While we’re digressing: The pre-2017 round ones are no longer legal tender and each nation had their own design on one side. Everything you could possibly want to know [and more] about the post-2017 12-sided ones here … https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/38487910

Today was my first day of a phased retirement - and an opportunity to get out for a bit of a warm up. It would be fair to say that the WX was less than ideal, thick mist and drizzle, which felt very Scottish so Andy will feel at home, however no midges…

… so if the weather tomorrow is similar activators might get damp.

The cloud level went up slightly on the way back, however Tarn Crag is still in the mist. I walked from Haweswater.

Either the bands or my antennas were not brilliant today.

Thaks to ian for the S2S, and all the chasers!

Now to try and get the kit (and dog) dry…ish



Well today got off to a good start, I managed to activate the following which always seemed a bit too far away when I lived in Carlisle.


That only leaves me five 1 point summits left to do in G/LD, one of which you need to get permission to access.

I even managed to make my first 70cm C4FM contact! If one more person had called in I’d have managed to activate the summit on that band and mode combination alone.

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Thanks for that contact, Karl - it was my first 70cm C4FM too, but I hope to get a few more this weekend.