SOTA + IOTA activations north the arctic circle

A few days ago I returned at home from a trip up to northern Scandinavia.

My main interest was enjoying the beatiful landscape, but I could not help activating 4 summits located far north the arctic circle.
Two of these summits were combined with IOTA. As a highlight I remember my stay on LA/FM-018 (Solvarden) near the barent sea. It was both the first summit ever activated in LA/FM-area called Finmark and 450km north the arctic circle.

OH/SL-051 (Jorpulipää)

LA/FM-018 (Solvarden)

LA/NL-126 (Arnipa) on Andoya island, EU-033 (Vesteralen group)

LA/NL-168 (Holandsmelen) on Vestvagoya Island, EU-076 (Lofoten Group)

Conds were changing, sometimes signals increasing up to 59+, followed by signals disappearing in qsb.

My rig: IC 706 with 100W, vertical antenna and a LiFePO4 battery with 10Ah

Thanks to all stations, who took all efforts to reach me.

73 es cu, Franz


Thanks Franz.

Cool. I was hoping to go to north Norway this winter for the Northern Lights but we never made it.
Some awesome landscape up that way