sota in winter

today i activated oe-kt108 at 1909 meter
it was cold abt minus 10c and heavy wind
my fingers has been stiff after antenna work …i made 6 qsos 7mhz cw and went qrt…
got a spot why i left callers without qso…
sorry for all who could not contact me… but try yourself … left your warm shack go to 2000 meters ÷ 6000ft in winter … go for 40m with long wire antennas in the cold…
hpa cuagn soon at sota

see video from yesterday


I know perfectly how much the frozen fingers can annoy … Great job and congratulations for the activation!

73s de Fabio IK2LEY

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Klaus, I didn’t have a chance to work you, but thank you for braving the elements and undertaking a winter activation!

I treat SOTA activations I chase the same as DXpeditions: I may not agree always with the choice of bands, modes or operating time, but I always respect that the op is entitled to run things in whatever way he/she deems best. It is THEIR operation, not mine, and I don’t know everything they are dealing with at their end.

I haven’t been at 6000’ during the winter trying to operate (yet ;-)), but like many, I’ve braved below freezing hikes to remote spots to activate summits during the winter. I’m sure I’ve left some folks frustrated that I didn’t stay longer, or return to a band, and for that I’m sorry. But when your fingers are near numb and you are shivering, it is time to go back no matter how many Qs are in the log!

Thank you to all the activators in the northern hemisphere who have been braving all sorts of adverse wx over the last few months!

73 Paula k9ir

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That north wind has been cold these past few days. My fingers were hurting on Saturday morning on the Aibelhöhe; ouch.
73 Matt

Every activation is a venture, sometimes an adventure.
Every activator will surely make as many contacts as he can.
There are many reasons that limit an activity.
So - No chaser has a claim on a contact with an activator.

My opinion

73, Armin