SOTA in the Beacon Band?

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and lets remember, that the band plan is a gentlemans

agreement rather than the law

And lets remember that a gentlemans agreement is an agreement arrived at between gentlemen and adhered to by gentlemen…and presumably only ignored by those without aspirations to gentlemanly conduct.:slight_smile:


Brian G8ADD

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Thank you for holding your hands up Martin, maybe now, the originator of this thread will have learned a lesson i.e. not to jump to conclusions without obtaining positive evidence prior to making such claims on a public forum. A private email to me would have easily answered his questions!

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Dude, you need to take a chill pill. Or possibly only drink decaf in future.



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Although I have pointed you to parts of my post that conclusively disprove your contention that I “jumped to conclusions” you persist in this fiction. You also persist in your belief that I could have e-mailed you, although I did not have your e-mail address at that time.

Enough on the subject. This thread is now closed.


Brian G8ADD (Moderator)

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Hi Paul,

I don’t really get the opportunity to comment on here during the week, although I have followed this topic without contributing so far.

I read the original post & indeed as many appear to have done, I found the “offending” spot. I knew straight away that you would not deliberately transmit in a portion of the 2m band reserved for beacon use, not because you were ignorant of the band plan, but simply because in the event you did get a response, it would most likely not be pleasant.

I have seen many innocent comments posted on the internet taken the wrong way & developing sometimes into quite nasty slanging matches. I can see that this topic has that potential, but it would be such a shame if it did go that way, simply because the original point was to draw attention to the band plans, which although “only” a gentleman’s agreement in the UK, are built into the licence conditions in other parts of the world. As well as that, as Brian & others have said, transimtting not according to the band plan can cause untold disruption to other services, not only amateur, but in certain bands, more “official” services.

I had the pleasure of working you when you were on G/SP-003 on 14th August & it appeared that you were not hearing a lot of the stations that were calling you. Both myself & another well known chaser quite local to me had checked your page for an email address or other contact details, not to criticise you, but to offer our help in finding out why you were not receiving as well you should be. At that time, there was no information we could use to contact you, although since then you have updated the page & you can expect an email from me quite soon :slight_smile:

As for people viewing foundation licence holders as somehow inferior,well of course, in terms of what a foundation licence permits you to do with regard to power levels & spectrum usage, then yes, the foundation licence is inferior to both the intermediate & the advanced licence.

This of course says nothing about the skills or technical comptetence of the person holding the licence, only that the holder of the licence has passed the relevant exam. For many, a foundation licence gives them everything they want from amateur radio, & if you are especially interested in QRP you may well find many stations very happy to work you. An M6 or M3 call can actually be an advantage for working DX, & many DX stations will try much harder to get a succesful contact with an M6 or an M3 than they would to work an M0 or G4.

I am of no doubt that you are a more than capable operator Paul, & have already activated much bigger hills than me, so can we please draw a line under this.

The original spot in question was erroneous. The poster of the spot has apologised for the mistake. I have read this topic several times & I can see no malice intended by any poster. I have seen comments that could be misunderstood when viewed as text on a screen, but that would quite innocuous when you can hear the persons voice.

Let’s just draw a line under this before it all gets very silly.

Enjoy the hills & play radio :slight_smile:

I hope to work you again very soon,

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF