SOTA in Somerset

HI John

We strayed off topic, but useful info all the same from one and all…

My FT-1500M mic cable has also split the outer sheath where it enters the mic at the grommet. I must repair it if I can, if not I will replace it before the radio goes to Wales in January - time to get the screwdriver out and see what can be done.

Pleased you have sorted out the battery problem, I was going to offer you a straight swap - your 16 AH for my two 5 AH batteries hihi. The 1500M is a smashing little radio, very solid. The only danger I see with it is the vented top with an inner mesh which looks quite pervious to rainwater ingress, so I carry a heavy plastic sack for sitting on now which also doubles as a rain shelter for the radio if needed.

Like many others who travel considerable distances to activate unique summits once the time off is agreed and the accommodation is booked you are more inclined to go out activating in any weather as you have laid good money out before you have seen the weather forecast so as to secure a cheaper accommodation deal! My favourites providers are and the Travelzoo weekly Wednesday Top 20 fliers - other agencies are available… I rarely use Travelodge these days but did use them a lot up to about two years ago.