SOTA holiday 2013 - 1 week, DM/TH & DM/BM, DG0JMB/

Hello together,
i have uploaded 130 pics from my SOTA-holiday.
I was traveling 5 days in DM / TH and DM / BM.

Here is the link:

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many greetings

In reply to DG0JMB:

Hello Joerg,

Thanks for the summits on your SOTA holiday.

I think you had a good time 8)

Sorry not to speak with you on the last summit of the tour but there was just too much QRM.

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

In reply to DG0JMB:

Well … I Am glad I start vacation now and start Sunday with EA2/BI-007
I hope it does not rain, good weather … freedom in summits …

Greetings EC2AG …

Hello Jörg,

thanks for the pictures. Many known summits to me… I was on Hohe Matze and Kösseine just five days before.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

In reply to DB7MM:

hätten wir uns ja fast getroffen :slight_smile:
Das nächste mal planen wir das mit ein!

VG Jörg