SOTA HB/VS-019 HB9/DL8JJ/p Fridy 10.09.2021

Hallo i have wkd HB9/DL3JJ/p on HB/VS-019. That where a first time on that mountain, but DJ3JJ was not in Switzerland every time. So how wkd him also and have some one a correct information about that. Tks for help and information. GL 73 Nick, HB9DDZ

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it was DL8JJ not DL3JJ !!

DL1FU created the spot and has HB9/DL3JJ/P in its log.
Emil DL8JJ’s handwriting in cw is unmistakable and therefore everything should actually be clear.
Unfortunately I just missed this opportunity, hi.

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Hi all,
@DL8JJ or @DL3JJ no one log uploaded :upside_down_face: for this new one HB/VS-019… we have to wait a bit !

73, Éric

The first activation of HB/VS-019 actually took place by Emil DL8JJ.
He has just returned home and is very happy about the successful, very demanding project.

Emil will write a report in due course, which will be published in the magazine CQ DL or Funkamateur. Here for the time being 2 photos (with Emil’s permission).

Emil insisted: He really wants to mention his climbing partner Caroline Repp, without whom, in his opinion, this ascent would not have been possible in the prevailing mountain weather.
Therefore, also the photo with the two happy summiteers added.


The log of the first activation has now been uploaded.

We are now looking forward to Emil DL8JJ’s report and video, which, as was to be expected, will also contain some not quite common raisins …


Hello to all,

finaly I have finished the film about the first activation of Jungfrau, 4158m SOTA HB/ VS-019.

Have fun watching.

BIG thank to Caroline Repp, LIXNET AG, Hamfest2021 and all swiss HAMs!

Where do we go next? Stay tuned and soon.

Vy 73, de DL8JJ, Emil Bergmann


Hello Emil @DL8JJ and Caroline.

Thank you for the exciting video. My hands got sweaty in between, especially at 02:45 :slight_smile:
Congratulations on the successful first activation :+1::mountain_snow: and that you are back in good health.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Hello Emil and Caroline, thanks for your wonderful activation video. Enthralled by what you both achieved. I have never done a similar activity in VK; nothing like it here (plus I don’t like snow and cold). Interesting to see what you had to take for such an undertaking. I don’t have such mountain equipment. When you showed what were taking it looked like you had everything but the kitchen sink. :grinning:

Glad you had fun and you both enjoyed the activation, well done. The reward looked great too. :smiley: :beers:

Take care

cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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Thank you for the video…

…and thanks for the s2s from EA2/NV-119 (on the day I just arrived in Pamplona)

… but I will probably never complete HB/VS-019. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

73 Armin

Hallo Emil vielen Dank für das Video und das QSO mit HB/VS-019. War reines Glück. Freue mich auf die nächsten Aktivitäten von Dir. GL 73 de Nick, HB9DDZ


Congratulations and thank you for the video! Years ago, while on a business trip to Spiez, I was able to take the cog railway to the Jungfraujoch and also visit the Mönchsjochhütte. It is beautiful up there, and your video report makes that even more obvious. I hope the transatlantic propagation allows me to work you on your next big summit!